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May 29, 2008

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May 28, 2008

Popular pets side by side comparison

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Base Level Attack HP Physical Def Magic Def Movement (m/sec)
Little Sawfly – 8 1. LSF 3624 1. Battle Bear 3337 1. LSG 9292 1. Little Frog 8747 1. Black Fang 10.5
Little Frog – 9 2. LSG 3564 2. Small Bear 3324 2. GC 9282 2. Battle Bear 8084 2. Magic Puppy 9.5
LSG – 17 3. GC 3558 3. Flying Pig 3289 3. WW 8862 3. Small Bear 8027 3. LSF 8.9
Grotto Crystal – 18 4. WW 3284 4. LSG 3097 4. Flying Pig 8551 4. Flying Pig 7940 4. Flying Pig 8.8
Small Bear – 20 5. Black Fang 2450 5. GC 3092 5. Battle Bear 8084 5. Bobcat 7409 5. Battle Bear 8.6
Bobcat – 20 6. Magic Puppy 2365 6. WW 2957 6. Small Bear 8027 6. Magic Puppy 7249 5. Bobcat 8.6
Flying Pig – 30 7. Little Frog 2313 7. Little Frog 2882 7. LittleFrog 7497 7. Black Fang 7089 6. Little Frog 7.8
Magic Puppy – 40 8. Bobcat 2266 8. Magic Puppy 2789 8. Bobcat 6792 8. LSF 6255 7. Small Bear 7.5
Black Fang – 60 9. Small Bear 2078 9. Black Fang 2729 9. Magic Puppy 6645 9. LSG 6195 8. WW 7.1
Wasteland Warrior – 60 10. Flying Pig 2038 10. Bobcat 2612 10. LSF 6255 10. GC 6188 9. LSG 6.3
Battle Bear – 80 11. Battle Bear 1851 11. LSF 2404 11. Black Fang 5908 11. WW 5908 9. GC 6.3

Perfect World Esteem Quest Guide

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Requirement: Level 9


-First, Visit the Taoist Immortal, Kong Kong.
-Visit the Old Village Head in Eremites Village.
-Kill 9 Ghost Turncoats haunting around Ants Mountain.
-After killing 9 Ghost Turncoats, report back to the Old Village Head to end your cultivation quest.


-Visit Taoist Immortal, Miao Miao. (244,647)
-Visit the hermit in the little village to the southwest of Broken Bridge Village. (216,542)
-Kill 9 Bee-acicula Hedgehogs haunting around Water Source.
-After killing 9 Bee-acicula Hedgehogs, report back to the hermit to end your cultivation quest. (216,542)


-Visit Taoist Immortal, Mang Mang. (324,422)
-Visit the Wingkind Hermit. (319,330)
-Kill 9 Ghost Mutineers.
-After killing 9 Ghost Mutineers, report back to the hermit to end your cultivation quest. (319,330)

Requirements: Cunning, lvl 19


-Visit Taoist Kong Kong in Sword City. (429,890)
-Kill Wild Snow Wolf in Purgatory Volcano until you get Rou Zhi Person.
-Go to the desolate mountain and look for the Rou Zhi Horse(Herb). (574,905) or (544,901)
-Return to the Taoist Immortal, Kong Kong. (429,890)


-Visit Taoist Immortal, Miao Miao. (244,647)
-Go to the Silk Mountain and rescue Rou Zhi Person from the Lion Nomad.
-Go to the sparrow beach and look for Rou Zhi Horse(Herb). (374,648) or (368,685)
-Return to Evil City and report back to Taoist Miao Miao. (244, 647)

-Visit Taoist Immortal, Mang Mang. (324,422)
-Go to the westbank of Carefree River and rescue Rou Zhi Person from the Hard-back Tapirs.
-Rescue Rou Zhi Horse(Herb). (292,446)
-Return to Feather city and bring back Rou Zhi Ren and Rou Zhi Ma to the Taoist Mang Mang to end your cultivation quest.(322,421)

Requirements: Attuned, lvl 29

1st Part

-Meet with General Xia Feng(Summer Wind) in Dragon City. (521,629)
-Visit Guard Xiao Qi outside the west door of the city. (511,654)
-Kill 25 Vicious Ghouls outside Archosaur City.
-After killing the Vicious Ghouls, return to Guard Xiao Qi. (511,654)
-Report back to General Xia Feng. (521,629)
-Go to the Broken Bow Hill and kill 15 Ash Wolves and 15 Scarlet Wolves.
-After killing the wolves, report back to General Xia Feng. (521,629)
-Return to the Broken Bow Hill and kill 25 Land Wyrms.
-Report back to General Xia Feng. (521,629)

2nd Part

-Visit General Xia Feng. (521,629)
-Drive Fire Goblin Apprentice and Quill Adept out of Broken Bow Hill Mine. Kill 15 Goblin Apprentice and 15 Quill Adepts.
-Report back to General Xia Feng. (521,629)
-Drive Fire Trickster and Quill Magus out of Broken Bow Hill Mine. Kill 15 Fire Tricksters and 15 Quill Magus.
-Report back to General Xia Feng. (521,629)
-Annihilate the supporting troops of the pit mine aggressors and their leader, Pao Chi. These monsters are stationed at the camp near the river at the northwest of Broken Bow Hill. Kill 15 Earth Wolf Fighters, 15 Imp Lookouts, and the head invader, wolf monster Pao Chi. (461,725)
-Report back to General Xia Feng. (521,629)
-Pay a visit to to the Elder of Dragon City. (570,648)
-Visit Fang Sheng in Orchid Temple, north of Dragon City. (581,764)
-Annihilate the Archer’s Remains and Hunting Geisha who trampled the grave. Kill 15 Archer’s Remains and 15 Hunting Geisha.
-Report back to Fang Sheng. (581,764)
-Recover the stolen Blood Jade Cup from the evil ox then report back to Fang Sheng.
-Recover the stolen Spirit Soul Stone from the Evil Wolf Archers then report back to Fang Sheng.
-Recover the stolen Purple-blue Wand from the Earth Evil Bowman then report back to Fang Sheng.
-Return to the Elder of Dragon City. (570,648)
-Clear out the Wicked Tree Roots(2) and the Evil Wolf Archer(2) on the way to Mirror-Lake Residence in the Sky Lake area.
-Visit the Serene Guest living reclusively in Mirror-Lake Residence. (443,563)
-Kill the Evil Ox Guards and take the Tokens(15 Fairy Cow’s Phylactery) from them. Then, hand them over to Tong Youke. (443,563)
-Kill the Stone-Roar Fighters at the east foot of the Sky Cliff and snatch their Passes(15 Phylactery) for the Serene Guest.
-Kill the Strong Evil Mei Yao at the west foot of the Sky Cliff and go back to Tong Youke.

Last Part

-After reaching level 29, visit the Regretless Immortal in Dragon City to upgrade your cultivation level. (520,628)
-Kill the natural enemy of Primordial Infant, the Poisonous Spider with Long Feet, at the south bank of Sky Lake and collect 6
Spider’s Poisonous Aciculas.
-Take the aciculas back to the Regretless Immortal and wait for a new task.
-Kill Fang QingZi(551,772) in Green Wave Yard then report back to the Regretless Immortal.
-Go to the Mirror-Lake Residence and hand Fang QingZi’s Primordial Infant over to Tong Youke to end your cultivation quest. (443,563)

Requirements: Lucid, lvl 39

1st Part

-Talk to the Heaven City Elder. (471,567)
-Talk to the Heaven City Hermit. (467,567)
-Kill 40 Crimson Dragons then report back to the Heaven City Hermit.
-Talk to Wu YingNing in Mirror-Lake Residence. (445,571)
-Go to the Fishing Village in the northeast of Archosaur City to buy Everlasting Trough from the Monk with a lot of Treasures
(639,831) then give it to Wu YingNing of Mirror-Lake Residence.
-Return to Archosaur City and talk to the Archosaur Elder.
-Go and see General Feng PoTian in the Fishing Village and discuss with him on how to kill Hades Wolf King.
-Go to the area between Hero Grave and Green Wave Yard and look for the traces of Hades Wolf King(567,761). Report
back to Feng PoTian after killing Hades Wolf King.
-Return to the Elder of Archosaur City and deliver the victory letter from Feng PoTian. (570,648)

Last Part

-Visit Cave Celestial Elder in Heaven City who takes charge of upgrading your cultivation level. (469,568)
-You need to die once to continue the cultivation quest.
-Take the Spirit Gathering Remade Medicine to Ghost and Celestial Ying Luo at the far north of Victory Plain and help her to pass the last stage of her cultivation.
-Report back to Cave Celestial Elder.

Requirements: Enigmatic, lvl 49

1st Part

-Talk to the Elder of Archosaur City. (570,648)
-Kill Hades Ox King appearing near Skeleton Mountain then report back to the Elder.
-Find Paladin Ar Fei in King Yu-Tripod Land. (469,423)
-Kill Hades Rat King in King Yu Slope near the entrance to the Disaster Valley then report back to Ar Fei.

Last Part

-Go to Regretless Immortal in Heaven Tear City
-Go to Eagle Castle and kill:
-Tiger Pack Leader
-Lion Champion
-Dragon Champion
And get ingredients for an Elixir
-Go back to Regretless Immortal
-Give the elixir to his ***** student in Orchid Village (Luo Ha)
-Return to Regretless Immortal.


Requirements: Forbidding, lvl 59

1.Go to visit the Cave Celestial Elder in Heaven-tear City (469 568)
2.Go to Disaster Valley in King-Yu Slope to live through the disasters.
A. Kill the Blade Jackal in Wood Valley
B. Kill the Cursed Mantis in Metal Valley
C. Kill the Elite Crazed Siren at Water Valley
D. Kill the Magma Wyrm at Fire Valley
E. Kill the Ancient Ape at Earth Valley
3.Go to Disaster-bearing Altar in the middle of Disaster Valley (406 552) and get the Disaster stone. Bring the stone to the Celestial Elder in Cave World (469 568)

May 21, 2008

Fox Type Dmg…, using Black Shadow Sword?

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I’m actually using this sword for my yj fox… here’s some comparisons:

Black Shadow Magic Sword:
Int – 66
Str – 230
Dex – 50
Con – 70

Phys Damage output: Pretty high: 2.2k~3.1k (1.25 attacks/second)
Magic Damage output: Sucks. 1k~2k
Crit %: about one critical hit in 15 attacks.
Misses about once every 20 attacks.
High HP/ Low Mana/ Weak Heal Pet Rate
Mdef: Sucks. Big Time.
Def: Owns

Tai Qing Sword (Level 84) 3* +2, Def+215,-20% Attributes with 2 Atk Stones
Wearing Light Armor

Int – 210
Str:- 90
Dex – 90
Con – 35

Phys Damage Output: Average 1.2k~1.5k (1.25 attacks/second)
Magic Damage Output: High 5.5k~6.8k
Crit %: One magic critical in about every 7 casts
Seldom misses on foxform.
Very low HP /High Mana
Mdef: Above Average
Pdef: Above Average

Tai Qing Sword (Level 84) 3* +2, Def+215,-20% Attributes with 2 Atk Stones
Wearing Heavy Armor

Int – 210
Str – 190
Dex – 35
Con – 3

-20/30% Level 80 armors are used since the stats won’t be sufficient
Phys Damage Output: Owning 3k~4.4k
Magic Damage Output: Average 4k~5.2k
Crit: 1 crit in about 35 attacks
Misses once every 20 attacks.
Very Low HP / OK healing rate / OK mana
Mdef: Average
Def: Owning

The Black Shadow Magic Sword – High DPS, but not advisable for heavy skill spammers. Also, take note the very very minimal MDEF so it would be wise to plug in level 8 MDEF stones in those armors. If you, however, would like to wield the Mystic sword in your level range, prepare to sacrifice your CON for a lot of INT. Also, -30% / 20% would be great, but the thing is you would have WAY higher damage than the Black Shadow.

All About The Golems, Where, Why, How, and What

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Here is a guide to one of the most famous pets ever in the Yao Jing dossier, the ever reliable golem.

Why golem?

The main reason why most Yao Jings use the trusty golem is because of its tremendous defense. (It’s a golem, duh.) Also, it’s attack is considerably higher than most pet types like wolves, thorns, snakes, and even some types of mutapedes. It has some of the best skills available, (Tough Hide) which allows multiple targeting using the Alt+1 techniques.

The HP,Def,and Atk is almost full.

Where are they?

Here is a compilation of all of the tamable golem-types so far in the game. Enjoy.

Lava Stone Guard
Level 17
Location: Logging Shed

Grotto Crystal
Level 18
Location: Fire Grotto (Human Dungeon)

Golem Fighter —Not-tamable!
Level 30
Location: Heaven-Tear (456,537)

Guardian Golem —Not-tamable!
Level 31
Location: Sky Lake

Golem Stomper
Level 32
Location: Around (527,576)

Machine Crab
Level 40
Location: Jade Beach

Wasteland Warrior
-Need info


NOTE: Upgrading inborn skills can be done through Granny Jinhua at the south-easternmost corner of Dragon City.
Warning, it costs a lot though.

A. Inborn
Raging Strike (?)

Cooldown: 8 sec
Effect: Physical Nuke (140%,155%,170%,185%,200% of base damage)
A very great nuke. Try upgrading this to max if you decide to stick with your golem.

Rising Sand attack (?)

Cooldown: 8 sec
Effect: An earth-nuke. Same as the previous one, only except this is earth-elemental.

Tough Hide

Cooldown: 60 sec
Effect: Raises defense (45% at max level 5)
Max this.

The Wasteland Warrior Found in Disaster Valley, Lv60 seems to have the Onslaught skill.

B. Suggested Skills

Note: You can add skills to your golem at a very costly price.
Level 5 skills can only be taught to Level 80+ pets.
Level 4 skills only to Level 60+ pets and so on.


Lowers physical defense.
cost: 750k


Slows target movement for 6 seconds.
cost: 900k

Piercing Cry

Cancel spells being cast by target. 60~80% chance.
cost: 300k

YaoJing Pet Skills Suggestions

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Golem (For Yuling,Yaojing,Yumang or Fashih)
Raging Atk +Raging Bite +Tough Hide +Piercing Cry

Golem (For Wuxia or Yaoshou)
3 elemental skills + Tough Hide/ 4 elemental skills (Elemental Skills = PosionMist, IceShard, RisingSand, Call Of Lightning, FireBall)

Golem (For Monster)
ToughHide + Injure /Shatter + Raging Bite +Raging Atk

BlackFang or BlossomBobcat (Debuffer Type)
Slow + Shatter + Injure + Wailing Cry


small bear = raging bite, snipsnap, piercing cry, slow (PVP/PVE/pang all around)
flying pig = tough hide, inspire, ice shard, fireball (PVE/tank)
young frog = poison mist, piercing cry, call lightning, rising sand (anti-melee)
marsh turtle = raging attack, raging bite, shatter, inspire (PVE under water)

May 15, 2008

Perfect World Quest Guides

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PET TAMING QUEST – Instead of hunting the Plateau something or other for the meat, kill the Highland Boars instead. A misnaming problem

ZENG NING (HOLY BEAST) – For some strange reason Beastkin players are having a hard time with this quest. Simply walk up the huge stone slope where the pillar of lightning rises. At the top the slope turns right towards the person you want to talk to.

FIRST FLIGHT TEST for Wingkind – This is for the timed quest given by the Elder early in your carreer. Start at 330 433 then fly up. At the 3rd platform go behind house. The chest is at 324 427.

KITE – The kite is at the top of a stucture at 264 545. Your second jump from the arms should be to the torches. From there you can get to the top.

BACKPACK – The backpack can be found at the top of the head of one of the Big Statues in the middle of Dragon City . Location is 559 645

BLOOD FLOWER – These are flowers growing on the ground near the shipyard located between Feather City and Bamboo Village at 337 355

BROKEN SWORD/ Drunk’s Quest – The drunk man is either lying or so addled with drink that his instructions are too confusing. Instead simply jump behind the building the Drunk man is standing in front of. You’ll find the Rosewood Box beside the Big Tree at 446 893.

EVERLASTING TROUGH – Go to the Fishing Village and talk to the Monk to buy the Everlasting Trough. You just need to buy 1. Location roughly at 639 831.

FLYING TIGER – This quest gives a lot of people trouble. To solve this quest got to the Big Rocks on the river bank South of the Bridge at 450, 670. Then WALK, don’t fly around the sides of the rock on the ground. The Magic net will do the rest. The Tiger is Invisible so you can’t see it.The Second part of the quest requires you to go to Sword Lake. Swim to the middle of the lake at 488 902. There you will see a human body among a circle of rocks.

LOST JADE – T reasure for the fisherman. You can find it by swimming East into the ocean to 660 798.

MANGHONG HAIR – Swim to the middle of Mirror Lake to 459 589. Click on the “Rocks” at Bottom of the lake there.

ROULAXIN FLOWER – This flower is on top of the Pagoda beside the Spirit Lady NPC North of Orchid Temple just outside the walls at 580 770. You can get to the top by jumping from the edge of the lower roof.

SOUL GRASS – This grass can be found to the south of Orchid Village in Orchid Valley at 590 545.

Monsters Quests ( BOSS and Mini BOSS )

KING OF KUNLUN – Strange White Deer that does nothing but run away if attacked. Don’t be shocked by it’s level 100. Also it is immune to all elemental attacks. Use ordinary physical attacks. His danger is that it’s surrounded by aggresive monsters so make sure there are no monsters beyond him when you attack as he will rin away from where you are attacking. Sometimes into other monsters. He can be found at 428 554

DEADWOOD TREANT/ DEADWOOD – Walk along the path past the bridge to 604 888.

HAI GUI – Exit Dragon City from the South Gate and go to the middle of the Bridge then dive off in to the River. Hai Gui will be to the west at 542 607. If he’s not there wait for him hear the bridge. It’s shy so it won’t respawn if you’re there.

HELLTREE – This Miniboss walks around with the usual 2 groupies. It can be found around 528 523. This Miniboss walks around a lot so look around for him. Be careful as all the monsters in this area are aggressive.

MEI YAO – Mini-boss at the West side of Sky Cliff at 411 538. As usual kill the 2 plants first before Mei Yao.

PAO CHI – The easiest miniboss around and the first you’ll kill. He has no hanger-ons and his “guards” although aggressive will not help him if you can lure Pao Chi from the camp. His camp is at 461 724.

YAN SHENG – Found at the Broken Bow Mine at 474 679

CAMELLIA SEEDS / HAO NIAO (MINIBOSS) – Go to the top of Sky Cliff and look for 3 flying bird like monsters. This is a MiniBoss so kill Hao Niao’s wingbirds first. You will need to fly to 428 537.

YI QINGLING – Can be found floating around at 314 435. Called the Wingking Specter. Don’t talk to it, just kill it.

SPIDER DEN – Go the spot between 4 trees with spider webs at 477 923.

YE GONG (DRAGON QUEST) – This person starts the Dragon Quest. You can find him on the bridge leading to the center of Dragon City from Dragon City West at 543 653. After you talk to him, go to the Dragon Emissary at the starting village where you first appeared in this world.

The most common request by far is the Rou Zhi quest for all the Races. Here then are the locations of both the Rou Zhi Spirit and the Rou Zhi Horse quests.

For the Wingkind:ROU ZHI SPIRIT – Kill the Hardback Tapir at 281 490. This is on the top of the Cliff/Plateau so Fly very High.ROU ZHI HORSE – This is a flower found at 280 401.

For the Humans:ROU ZHI SPIRIT – Kill the Snow Wolves on Wood Mountain West.ROU ZHI HORSE – This is a flower at 536 892

For the Beastkind:ROU ZHI SPIRIT – Kill the Lionmen near Wolf Den. You cant miss them.ROU ZHI HORSE – This is a flower at 374 648

DECAYED WALKING CORPSE = ROTTEN GHOUL – One of many misnamed monsters. You can find them south of Mirror Lake Residence.

DEW MOUNTAIN = BURNHAM MOUNTAIN – Heres something new. A misnamed location. Go to 344 793,just North of the High Wind Tribe.

EVEN GODS FACE TRIALS – This is an untranslated quest that a lot of people are asking about. It’s a rather long quest divided into 3 parts so bear with me.

Talk to the 4 Giant statues in the middle of Dragon City by flying up and Landing on thier shoulder. Then go closer to the ear. A popup full of squares will appear. click on the 1st answer. Now talk to the other 3. You have to talk to each statue in turn.

Collect 2 items- Kill Ghouls inside Hades Residence- Enter Blue Cloths Grave and open the chest near entrance.Once you’ve collected those 2 items there will be more stuff you have to collect.

Collect 4 items- 5 nectars- 5 argeratum- 3 emmenagogue- 15 one eyed stonesOne eyed stones can be collected by disassembling low level weapons, armors and accessories. To disassemble go to the appropriate NPC and choose the disassemble option. You must have the appropriate crafting skill at level 2 to disassemble items.

EVIL WOLF FIGHTER = CRAZED WOLF – Another misnaming problem. They can be found around Allied Troops Camp.

FACING ONE’s FEAR – The Dragon Emissary can be found at each race’s starting village. This is the village you first appeared in Perfect World.

FANG QINGZI (MINIBOSS) – He can be found walking along the East-West path just West of Orchid Temple at approximately 561 766.

FIERCE JACKAL – They can be found just South of the Old Man’s house.

FLYING FOX = FOREST WASP – Another Misnaming problem

RED JADE – Go to Hero’s Grave and kill the Ancient Ghouls. They can be found in the Northern part of the map. The area that looks like a robot.

RIVER HUTF or the Hut part of the Flute Quest go to the Open Hut East of Square Village, just across the Bridge with 2 guards at 601 883. To complete this part of the quest you have to enter the hut itself. There is a gap in the railings on the South face of the hut. Enter through there. Walking around it or jumping on top will not do.

SNAKE VALLEY – Ths is the area around the Allied Troops Camp. No idea why it’s not labelled on the map.

STALKER (MINIBOSS) – A slightly smaller all brown scorpion at 569 539.

VOID EARTH ELVES = EARTH IMP – Mislabelled blahblahblah. Found West of Dragon City near the city walls.

VILE SILVER BLADE / FLYING MASTER LI ZHAOHUL A Partially translated quest. Simply talk to each NPC that appears in the Quest log until it asks for an item that’s all squares. Next part is toharvest the Flower in Sky Cliff at 423 527 or thereabouts.

WHEEL OF SEAL – 1 of 7 seals needed at level 100You cn find this item in Hero’s Grave. In the area that looks like a robot, go to the right most of the 3 rooms at its “chest”, look for the chest that says PRECIOUS CASE OF SOIL at 408 508. When you harvest it the chest will disappear. If you have others that want to harvest it also just wait for it to respawn.

Arlo Gilbert

Foxform skills to Max

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Fox form, railment of flowers, harmony, reflect…MAX them right away! They are very important

Spirit Fire, Claw, Banish, Vigor draining skill

You just need two skills, Life and mana steal (limot ko na mga names eh).

Really. You WON’T use pots. I just give my pots to my friends saka dami ko rin nmn nakukuha sa mga monster eh. If you don’t have mana drain yet, just use life drain on enemies and when your mana gets low..use Harmony. Then just lifesteal more health. Mejo risky nga lang kc baka may magspawn na monster sa likod mo. Injure maganda rin pampalambot pero sa mga boss ko lang ginagamit

All fox skills are really useful except for the NoRegen skill. It sux. If it could prevent WX’s Buddha, YL’s heal or using pots then I will max it right away . Useful lng cguro yan pag Heaven o Hell kna

It dpends on you on what skills you want. Sa una mejo tipid ka sa mga souls pero pag mga 60+ kna makukuha mo na ibang skills ^^. Lalo na’t YJ tau..easly lng magrind hehe

Rare Pets & Mini-boss

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A. Rare Pets
Young Frog 9 – 240 555 or 246 571
Small Bear 20 – 201 452, 288 458
Hopping Bunny 20 – 500 1007, 468 924, 488 1000
Blossom Bobcat 20 – 362 689, 370 690, 397 619
Flying Pig 30 – 404 643 alt 36, 408 638 +36
Magic Puppy 40 – 300 763 , 315 753, 350 750
Black Fang 60 – 462 427
Heavenly Hawk 73 – 685.550 alt 38 (normal monster)
Fluffy Bunny 75 – 665 617 , 631 556 (normal monster)
Ash Phoenix 78 – 677 550 alt 36 (normal mini-boss)
Battle Bear 80 – 672 633 , 192 771?, 660 612
Butterfly 80 – 624 380 (normal monster)
Firebat 84 – 122 770 alt 26 (normal monster)
Fire Ninetails 85 – 192 771 , 182 767 (normal monster)
Dragon Fish 85 – 656 306 alt 13, (Lvl 80) 637.593 alt 20 (normal monster)


B. DSQ Mini-Boss
DSQ 31 : Stalker 38 – 570,540
DSQ 41 : Wolf Unihorn 48 – 378, 814
DSQ 51 : Blood Lion 57 – 318, 582
DSQ 61 : Rat Smasher 66 – 538, 361
DSQ 71 : Evil Vanguard – near west gate of Grindstone Village
DSQ 81 : Elite Raging Lion – 220, 734

C. Mini-Boss / Boss Quest
Hai Gui 23 – 544,608
Pao Chi 26 – 460,724
Hao Niao 29 – 460,724
Bloody Ghoul 29 – 550,780
Mei Yao 30 – 410,535
Yan Sheng 32 – 474,679
Fang Qingzi 32 – 557,767
Helltree 35 – 525,520
Hades Wolf King 42 – 567,762
Qin Tomb General 45 – North of Fishing Village roving
Hadès OX King 50 -166 654
Blood Wolf king 50 – 310 889
Tiger Pack Leader 52 – 314 579
Lion Champion 52 – 342 577
Dragon Champion 52 – 333 591
Hades Rat King 55 – 448 401
Thunder OX 55 – 110,690
Elite Purple Dragon 55 – 183 640
Hades Tiger King 60 – 344 564
DES Magic Eye 60 – 434 415
Hades King Lion 60 – 411,524
Armored King Lion 62 – 414,506
Hades Quill King 65 – 496 318
Fire Gorilla King 65 – 482,362
Revengeful ghost 66 – 508 394
Hades Snake 68 – 667 663
Steeltooth Linx 71 – 630,540
Cobra Draco King 70 – 583,987
Seven Sea King 75 – 700 944
Great sea dragon 60 – 700 944
Ash Phoenix 78 – 677,550

Oracle Mini-Boss
Oracle 11 – 106,779
Oracle 12 – 118,817

Perfect World Build Guides (at least for the total noob)

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Perfect World build guides

Here are some build guides for Perfect World classes I’ve gathered from different websites. There are of course tons of different build guides out there, the ones here are just a few of the more popular ones. Some of them were rather long, with detailed skill lists etc., so I’ve cut them down to the most basic information. So if you have any questions about a certain build, feel free to ask – I might have more information about it. I don’t claim to know everything though, and there are some builds I know nothing at all about. 😛
A good skill database can be found here: http://perso.numericable.fr/ecatomb/pw/
It describes all the skills for all the classes and by adding or removing levels you can see how a skill changes when you upgrade it.
And here’s a monster database: http://pw.rob-soft.com/m1my.php
Useful when you need to find out what mobs drop what items.


The best way to spend your skillpoints, is by putting for each level.:

3 on str,

1 on con,

1 on agi

Don’t waste skillpoints on int, as you have more use for the other stats.
Always put enough skillpoints on agility to use swords, and enough on strength to use heavy armour. The rest of the points go to constitution. Agility will also raise your dodge and accuracy, which is vital. Even if you use other weapons than swords, that is still the best balance between stats for a warrior.
From lvl 1-50, mobs are usually doing normal attacks, then magic attack. So you can just put 3 str and 2 agi for every level to begin with. Once you hit lvl 50+ the mobs will have very strong magic attacks, so you have to start to put 3 str 2 con every level in order to survive the magic mobs. At that time your agility is quite enough. So in conclusion, the overall stat from level 1-100 would be 3 str, 1 con, 1 agi for each level.

For levelling the fastest way is dual axes/hammers. They do a lot of damage, have a lot of AoE skills and so on. But when it comes to attack power and PvP, then sword warriors are the best. They deal the most damage and also have nice accuracy and critical rate. Their skills are the strongest of Warrior.

The 2 most common builds for Mages:
Pure INT build (Nuker)
9 int, 1 str every second level
Pros: Highest damage dealer in all skills except Sacrificial Fire Storm. Highest magical defence.
Cons: Glass nuker, very fragile with low HP. Needs equipment that adds HP, and HP stones.

Hybrid Build (Common Build)
For every second level add 8 int, 1 str , 1 con
OR 6 int, 1 str, 3 con
Pros: Higher HP than the nuker. Still needs some HP stones added to equipment
Cons: A bit lower damage and magical defence when compared to the nuker.

There are also Light and Heavy Armour builds, as well as builds that focus on constitution, but those are difficult builds and not recommended for new players. Search around for different builds though if you’re interested.

How to manage your skills:

In beginning levels 1 to level 19, you can actually max out all the 3 elements’ skills. But after level 19, you will find that you would not have enough skill points to max all 3 element trees’ skills at the max level, unless you keep on killing yourself to farm skill points.

That is why most guides will recommend that you focus only on a single element tree or two element trees at the most, so that you can focus upgrading the skills to the highest possible level. The higher the skill level the more damaging the skills is. At lvl 90+ you probably have enough skillpoints to start taking the skills you ignored earlier.
Weapons for Mages:

Mages basically have 4 types of weapon for each 10 levels. The wand is a consistent weapon with a low gap between minimum and maximum damage, but it also has the lowest maximum damage. The staff on the other hand is the most damaging weapon, but also the most unpredictable due to its lowest minimum damage. The magic sword and the wheel are in the middle and thus popular among players.

The builds:
Although there are tons of different build for an archer, they are mainly classified into 3 areas – damage type, tanking type and hybrid.
Damage Type
Agi & str archer – pump your strength according to the minimum requirement for light armour and put the rest of the points into agility.
Agi archer has extremely high damage hence excelling at backstabbing (PKing players who are levelling without warning). But due to their lack of HP, they are easily taken down which makes them less useful in guild fights.
Pros: High damage, high dodge rate, high hit rate.

Cons: Low HP
Tank Type

Agi & con archer – pump your strength and agility according to the minimum requirement for light armour, rest of points into constitution.
Agi/con archers are perhaps what we can call werebeast wannabe archers, they work well against warriors, which archers generally fear the most. Though with a lack of damage, the main skills used by archers when killing warriors are thunder type skills since they deal a fixed amount of damage and aren’t affected by low damage stats.
Pros: High HP and higher defence compared to agility archer

Cons:Low dmg, low dodge, low hit rate
Hybrid Type – Recommended Build
Agi, con & str archer – pump your strength according to the minimum requirement for light armour, pump your agility according to the minimum requirement for bow/crossbow, put the rest of the points into constitution.
By having a slightly higher constitution, hybrids survive better in guild fights. It also increases survivability when doing FB quests (Instance Dungeons), and when fighting magic type mobs. Damage doesn’t differ that much from an agility archer.
Pros: Rather high dmg, rather high dodge, rather high hit rate, average HP pool, higher defence compared to agi archer

Cons: Same as pros

Weapons for Archers:
There are 3 type of range weapon:
Bow: has average min damage and average max damage, average attack speed and average shooting distance.
Crossbow: has low min damage, high max damage, slow attack speed and far shooting distance.

Slingshot: has average min damage, average max damage, fast attack speed, and short shooting distance.

The Builds:

Damage Type

Int & str priest – pump your strength according to the minimum requirement for magical armour and put the rest of the points into intelligence. Leave your con and agi at 5.

This style of priest is sort of a mimic of mage. It has extremely high nuking power. Its main weakness is HP and low defence. Hence int priest work better in a party than soloing. They’re also easy targets in PvP and need equipment that adds HP.

Pros: High nuking power and healing power.

Cons: Low HP
Tank Type
Con, int & str priest – pump your strength and intelligence according to the minimum requirement for magical armour, put the rest of the points into constitution, leave your agility at 5.
This type of priest has the highest tanking power but at the same time has the lowest nuking/healing power. But the tanking capability is only limited to magical attacks since the physical defence is still extremely low.
Pros: High HP and higher physical def

Cons: Low nuking power and healing power
Hybrid Type – Recommended Build

Int, con & str priest – pump your strength according to the minimum requirement for magical armour, pump your intelligence according to the minimum requirement for magical weapon, put the rest of the points into constitution. Leave your agility at 5.

This build grants the priest about 30 to 40% more HP than an int priest. But it also causes the priest to lose about 20% nuking/healing power. However, in guild fights or PvP it’s more important to survive as long as possible and aid in the combat, than to have high nuking and healing power.
Pros and cons: Average in everything


Builds for Werebeast:
As the werebeast is a tanker strength is the main attribute, but constitution should also be quite high, allowing HP to be at its max. The best way to distribute your skill points is by putting str 2, con 2, agi 1 (for equipment requirements) every level. After level 30, you can add even more str if needed. Other builds are:
Constitution Tanker Build:

Constitution = as high as possible

Strength = follow equipment requirements

Intelligence = keep at 5

Agility = follow equipment requirements
Accuracy Build: (not recommended)

Constitution = each level +1

Strength = each level + 2

Intelligence = keep at 5

Agility = each level + 2
Dual hammers are popular weapons because they do a lot of damage. Use heavy armour.

Choose skills according to what form you prefer to be in (human or transformed or a bit of both). Tiger form skills are more defensive and most of them increase aggro from mobs. They are good when you’re tanking hard mobs. Human form skills do more damage and are useful for long grinds against average mobs, or in a party where you’re not the main tank.


Recommended builds:
WF mage build

Every alternate level, add these:

1 con, 4 int

1 con, 1 str, 3 int
This should give you enough str to equip your mage gear, enough con to survive longer than a glass cannon, and enough int to nuke whichever mob you want to kill.
Equipment: Full mage gear
Stones: Physical defence, magic attack. Or HP stones if you want more survivability

Pet: Golem

All mage skills, plus all support skills except melee mastery. Do not waste skill points on fox skills like Foxy Drub or HexMist attack. However if you want an edge in PVP it is recommended to max out Amplify Maim, as well as Banish Malediction.
Pros: Fastest solo leveller in the game, until level 70+. After that, second to Elf Archers. Easiest to play.

Cons: Very weak against physical attacks, 100% death rate against archers.

WF Light armour build

1 Agi, 1 Str, 3 Int

Con leave at 5
Thus at level 105 you should have

Str 109

Agi 109

Int 317

Con 5
Equipment: Full light armour gear, best mage weapon you can equip.
Stones: HP stones
Pet: Golem or Little Froggy to solo on land. Scorpion (Original lvl 2) for PvP. Petite

Sawfly in the air.

ALL OF THEM. It will be impossible of course in the beginning so mage skills take priority. Around lvl 70 you should have all the main mage skills (except Blazing and Frostbolt Parasite, leave at lvl 1), Wood Mastery, all Fox skills up to Life Depriver and Amplify Maim (not all at the best lvl though), Melee Mastery.
Pros: Good overall defence. Good dodge, helps against melee attacks. Good critical too.
Cons: Really bad or really good for PvP, it depends on how good you are as a player. Every class can own you but you can own every class as well.
There are also different fox builds and physical battle builds, but they are recommended for veteran players only. However if you’re interested, search for different werefox builds.

Yao Jing Builds Case Study

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Case Study: Level 90 Yao Jing, with 445 SP

Usual Builds
Build A (Int-type Mage)

Put stats in int, minimal str for armor, con is optional
INT: 311/406
STR: 49
CON: 100/5
DEX: 5
HP: 3336/2195
MP: 5868/7008
Armor: Mystic Armor
Weapon: Mystic Weapon
Comment: Don’t bother, this is a widely discuss build

Build B (Fox-type)
Put enough int for the black magic sword, con for survivability though optional, dex for the heavy armor req. and str for your melee damage as fox and defense
INT: 66
STR: 250/350
CON: 100/5
DEX: 49
HP: 3336/2195
MP: 2928
Armor: Heavy Armor
Weapon: lvl22 mystic sword mold if fox form;
Comment: Widely discussed too, but still a minority build (esp. sa low lvls) IMHO

(The fun part of being a YJ…)
Hybrid Builds
Build C.1 (Dex-base build)

Int 66 if you want to be able to equip lvl22 magic sword and to have a decent Heal Pet skill, str for light armor req., the rest goes to dex
INT: 66
STR: 94
CON: 5
DEX: 300
HP: 2196
Armor: Light Armor
Weapon: lvl22 mystic sword mold, bow
Comment: You better have the best pet around with this type of build; 15% base crit? Meow.

Build C.2 (bow-fist type)
Put str good enough to reach the stat req. of fist, 20 con for a higher chance of survivability as compared to the build above, the rest goes to int
INT: 5
STR: 147
CON: 20
DEX: 293
HP: 2376
Armor: Light Armor
Weapon: Unarmed to use skills, Fists for melee, Bow for long-ranged
Comment: Heal pet skill is hell, fast atk.speed, nice base crit rate

Build D.1 (fox-type but able to use a light armor)
Just like Build B except str is reduced, add extra stat to dex to reach light armor req.
INT: 66
STR: 300
CON: 5
DEX: 94
HP: 2196
Armor: Heavy Armor, Light Armor
Weapon: lvl22 mystic sword mold, melee weapons (your choice)
Comment: Decent hit and dodge rate, heal pet skill, p.atk and def, additional m.def from light armor is a plus, low HP (you need to compensate thru high lvl HP stones)

Build D.2 (in humanoid form)
Just like the build above but remove the stats from int and add it to con
INT: 5
STR: 311
CON: 50
DEX: 94
HP: 2736
MP: 2196
Armor: Heavy Armor, Light Armor
Weapon: unarmed when using skills, melee weapon of choice when in humanoid form
Comment: Decent hit and dodge rate, p.atk and def, additional m.def from light armor is a plus, bad Heal Pet Skill, you can’t use your skills if you are using melee weapons, neither can you change into your fox form

Required stats for 80 armors:

Lv 80 equips:

Heavy top: 202str 44dex = 246 pts
Light top: 84str 84dex = 168 pts
Mystic top: 44str 123int = 167 pts

Crit FaShi Guide

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Basically my build…stuck at level 53 in Dragon Server though since I’m leveling my YS in Serpent also at it’s 50s hehe:

Critical Build Stat Allocation

If your a starting from scratch(Lvl 1 fashi), allocate the stats when you level up on a ratio of 1STR:1DEX:3INT
with this build you will be able to wear light armors. during the early and mid levels (1-60) make sure you have good equips to compensate for the lack of HP. Leveling up with this build will not be hard because of the skills that fit this build.

If your planning to do a stat reset, i suggest you do it when you reach 60+ levels already.

Skill build
A. Skill Build from Scratch

Like i said earlier, this build have only medium INT, that means that almost all of your MATK depends on the weapon you are using. Most of the damage your skills will be dealing in your early levels will be based on the additional elemental damage of the skill. And since you want your skills to crit, you have to throw more skills than usual. It means that the build requires skills that casts fast and deals damage that it isnt mainly based on your MATK. The list of skills below are advisable to be maxed early, so that you can take advantage of the range of maxed skills.

Another bonus for this build is that you have medium amount of def on your side. And if your going to use the earth armor, you will be able to reach the def of other classes. And if your against a magic user, you can always wear your robes if you need additional elemental resistance ^^

List of advisable skills to maxout during the early levels…
Brand of Fire
Surging Spring
Stone Rain
Water Armor
Earth Armor
Elemental Masteries:Earth Fire Water

List of skills that will be useful if you have them @ level 5 or more
Shifting Earth
Wings of the Phoenix

as you have noticed, i didnt place brand of godly flame on the list. i didnt chose that skill because it will take a while before you can max it out. It means that the range of the skill will be shorter than the rest of your skills. Also it takes 3 seconds for you to launch it, and another 1 second for the animation time. on this very fragile build, that skill wont be useful til you get less fragile @ level 60

B Skill build from a Stat Reset

I cant do much help, since you have already chosen the set of skills your using, what i can suggest is max the skills you usually use to gain the range advantage and lessen tanking the damage.

Light and Robe for the fragile

Bonus stats that you really really need to look for:
lvls (1-59)
For level 60+

NOTE: it is really advisable to use -Requirement armors as your level goes up, it lessens the need to put STR and Dex on your stats. You can allocate the stats on INT instead. (you will be saving 6 STR and 6 DEX points on levels 60-69 if your going to use -10% requirements on all equips:)

Guinglain’s YaShou Guide

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This is part of the guide, actually surprised at the similarity of my own YaShou build…

STR/CON/DEX – As far as i know this is the Best Build. endgame Focus should be, STR:270+, DEX:50+, CON:every excess stat point.

  • Why 270+ STR? extra damage, extra defense, Weapon/Armor Prerequisite’s.
  • Why 50+ DEX? 50×8=400, and that 400HIT will go a long way with Bloody Demon/Burning Blood Skill(Lv10=210% Hit Rate), 400 evade would be the little extra bonus too you’ll never know when that miss will save you, and again Weapon/Armor Prerequisite’s
  • Why everything left on CON? Yao Shou’s have self buffs called Inspire(Lv10=+30%HP) +17HP per CON, 100CON would give you 1.7k HP, 1,700 multiplied by .30=510HP. so 100CON+INSPIRE =2,210HP. This is ASIDE from the +34HP per/Lvl! But wait! there’s more! (IMG:style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif) lvl12 HP Stone’s are said to give +600HP. well good luck in getting at least 1piece, but let’s compute again. 600x.30=180. So that’s 780HP per Lvl12 Stone you have on your armor slot. LoL.
    so let’s break it down.


Stat Distribution:

Started with this per level until DEX is 50:

STR: 2




STR: 3/lvl

CON: 2/lvl till STR reaches 270+

Afterwards it’s CON all the way.

Rings will be:

1 Brahma and 1 Linyun

Skill Priority:

Defiance(49), Thousand Ton Hammer(16) and Shatter(23) ===> max them and look for other skills you would need. (AOEs would be a good choices specially splitting earth)

Max Passives

Max Buffs

I’ll also get Armaggedon and Sundering Heaven.

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