`Sugar Coated Delusions`

May 15, 2008

Foxform skills to Max

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Fox form, railment of flowers, harmony, reflect…MAX them right away! They are very important

Spirit Fire, Claw, Banish, Vigor draining skill

You just need two skills, Life and mana steal (limot ko na mga names eh).

Really. You WON’T use pots. I just give my pots to my friends saka dami ko rin nmn nakukuha sa mga monster eh. If you don’t have mana drain yet, just use life drain on enemies and when your mana gets low..use Harmony. Then just lifesteal more health. Mejo risky nga lang kc baka may magspawn na monster sa likod mo. Injure maganda rin pampalambot pero sa mga boss ko lang ginagamit

All fox skills are really useful except for the NoRegen skill. It sux. If it could prevent WX’s Buddha, YL’s heal or using pots then I will max it right away . Useful lng cguro yan pag Heaven o Hell kna

It dpends on you on what skills you want. Sa una mejo tipid ka sa mga souls pero pag mga 60+ kna makukuha mo na ibang skills ^^. Lalo na’t YJ tau..easly lng magrind hehe


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