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August 29, 2006

Pow-Type Shaman Guide

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Pow-Type Shaman Guide

i. intro

If your tired of seeing the usual shaman healing around and wants more action than staying behind and supporting your team, this type of shaman is for you. the power tree gives shamans a chance to go beyond their limits of being supporting classes and spellcasters but sacrificing all of that to become a full time offensive class that focuses on a weapon. It offers versatility of having all other classes built into one. Why is that? I’ll explain as this guide progresses.

being a spellcasting shaman is basic as being a shaman is being a spellcaster. thus being a weapon specialist is unusual. it’s also weird to think that a spellcasting class cant cast any spell. but that my friend is what drives most people to play this class. its uniqueness. actually surprises everyone around.

yung tipong pag nagduel ang brawlers, swordsmen, at archers, di ka na magugulat. pero pag shaman, uy bago diba? ^_^

This class is usually underestimated but most of the time. but it could be one of the scariest classes in ran. Here are some of her strong points:

1. High base damage – having pow as your main stat to grow means you are strong basically.
2. Very fast casting spells – almost all of her skills takes less than 2 seconds to cast plus some are instantaneous!(hits right after you click the right click) You’ll be sure to land the first strike.
3. Mob Killer – All of her offensive skills are splash (exept for the rapid pierce).
4. High HP – With the help of Gift of life.
5. Always get the “WOW” reaction when you win a duel.
6. Int. based shamans envy you.^_~

so what’s there not to like? ask people around who tried duelling with pow shamans and you’ll always hear that “they are scary” but such a powerhouse class has its trade off…

1. Hard to level – most parties find you useless early levels.
2. Lot’s of growth gap years – imagine having to wait 20 levels for the next skill. we’ll tackle this later.
3. Speed is her biggest strength but if countered, it’s her biggest downfall. You’re good as dead if slowed.
4. Skill’s chances to cancel opponent’s skills are very low. usually below 10%. so it’s likely that you’re the one being cancelled most of the time.
5. low accuracy. sad.
6. naturally low dex growth, therefore, low natural defence. you just rely mostly on your armor.
7. hard to level >_

(these builds have been around for a long time now and i found that there are four common builds for this class)

I. Str+vit build. (400 str. then the rest to vit.)
focused on damage and hp. the most common build. Perfect synnergy for your gift of lifea and fast casting skills.

II. Str+vit+dex build (350 str. then the rest equally distributed to vit and dex)
Hardens your defense at the cost of lower hp and lower attack damage. IMO it’s not a good deal. like most people say, dex gives only about +1 def. for every 10-12 dex. and having 100 dex is only getting 10 extra def. Not good synergy with GoL. plus dex does not enhance your attack speed, evasion, casting speed, skill cooldown, and accuracy.

III. str+dex?(400 str. then the rest to dex)???!!!
again gol does not give 10% defence. only a plus 10 defence. shaman’s are not made to be agile. they’re just smart.

IV. str+spi+vit(350 str. then equally distributed to int. and vit.)
with this build you give your self enhancement with the help of some support spell. thus focusses on survival. a good build but probably hard.


the final build for the pow type class…(from the other thread with a few changes, MIGHT CHANGE IN THE FUTURE SINCE THIS IS STILL EXPERIMENTAL)

rapid pierce: 3 levels (as a requisite)
drilling strike: 3 levels (as a requisite)
spear mastery: master
enhanced drilling strike: optional (since it’s not a requisite for a higher skill and you wont be part of your combo at level 100+)
Life’s gift: master (your butter to your bread. mejo di pa mapapansin low levels pero malaki tulong pag mga level 80+ ka na or pag malaki na ang vit mo.)
Lunar catastrophe: 2
Radial strike: 5 (2 as a requisite is too low. this skill will be part of your combo)
Spectral pierce: 5 (same as above, plus it’s your ranged skill. good for luring and as an openning attack)
shinryu: 2(as a requisite) if you go for duel, 5 if you’re focused on levelling. reason? it’s casting time is low compared to your other spells but it’s execution is cool. ^_^
—–from this onwards, they’ll be your finishing skills—–
tremor: master
crane: master
dance: master
roaring moon: master
spear mastery 2: master

total skillpoints spent: 173 not counting your sp’s on breath of life.
(you’ll be relying on pots at higher levels than breath of life)

explanation: at high levels you’ll just be using your high level skills plus the ones that are part of your combo and your only buff.(does not conscern enhancement buffs from other skill tree)
this is a near perfect build focused onon your most powerful attacks but still utilizing your skillpoints. if you’re planning on using an oblivion potion later on, it’s wise to put your skillpoints on your mob killing skills (both drilling strikes, lunar, and radial) since they’re your early game combos and helps a lot in leveling. about 5 levels of each of those skills should be enough. passive skills are helpfull since it helps not only your basic attack but your skill’s damage as well. also you’re only buff and your signature skill (gift of life) is a skill you’ll be using almost forever so why not use it to it’s fullest?

level in places where the exp gain is reasonable, but damage dealt by monsters doesnt hurt that much. what good is luring 3 monsters that give .20% exp each against 5 that give .15% each? survival is the key plus you save lots of pots!
but of course, partying is still the fastest way to level. Better gain lots of friends early on in game. build your own party if you’re having a hard time joining in one.

v. COMBOS (for duelling)


1-56 drilling, enhanced. 1 and 2 and repeat. (both have 2.5 sec. cool down level 5. BUT you cant continuously cast the spell it has a bug. anyway wait for the first one to finish and cast the next. they have about 1 sec casting time, quit slow. so it’s better to put the weaker skill first coz it has a big chance being cancelled.
57-76 cast gol(always) lunar, enhanced, drill. 1,2, and 3. 1,2 and 3. or 1,3,2 (lunar is an instantaneous skill so it has no chance being cancelled. this should always come first. then you’ll ask, why still have drilling strike since you already have to strong skills? answer is, the cool down. lunar’s cooldown is slow so you’ll need a third attack for you not to break your timing. of course drilling hits harder than your normal attack right???)
77-86 lunar, radial, enhanced. 1,2,3 repeat. (why not put radial first? well it’s true that lunar is an instantaneous attack but only it’s divided into 2 attacks. after you land the first, your opponent will land he’s skill. so it’s better to have your stronger attack do its full damage ryt?)
87-96 spectral, radial, lunar, enhanced. 1,2,3,4,2,3 (keep a reasonable distance first then combo him. spectral should only be an openning. so after you finish your combo and he’s still alive? repeat with radial since it’s faster.
97-106 spectral, radial, lunar, shinryu. (shinryu is slow but it’s a good finisher coz it looks cute ^_^)
107 up use your imagination. just make sure that your one hit shot won’ be cancelled.


choose outfits that has good elemental resistance plus defence enhancing properties. we rely on armors for our defense so choose wisely.

on weapons, of course there’s no better friend than our spears. it suggests our identities as non support shamans but as spear types. choose ones with high pow and defence enhancements.(yes, our spears have defence enhancements) Elec is probably the most suited elemental for you since playing as a pow type shaman means “you should hit the opponent before being hit” and before being hit means you should land a lot of damage to your opponent before he hits you. a 4 second slow is long enough for you to take down half of your opponents hp or better yet, kill him. Ice would be your next priority. slows moderately and lowers defense.


1. Potions are your friend. and i mean never leave without them. bring lots of them before heading out to level. dont depend too much on your parties healer. for some reason that she screwed up(maybe afk) your potions are your saviour.

2. Save money!!! spears and armors cost a lot and you need to be prepared when a good one is for sale. spears are rare items so don’t spend recklessly on stuff you won’t be using for so long.

3. leave upgrading to later levels. save them for armors and weapons that you’ll be using for almost forever.

4. make yourself usefull to a party. if you think you’re strong enough to lure, then do so. if not, tell them nicely and use your charms to soften their hearts.

5. make lots of friends in game. those who play a lot and usually same game time as you. it’s easier to find parties esp. if your friends a party leader.

6. know your strengths and weaknesses and dont be afraid to try out new things. i made this guide for people who wants to know a broad knowledge about the spear girl and wants to try her out without making mistakes too much. but not to play the way i do.

7. nothing will happen if you’ll just sit there and read this forever. the best way to learn is to get out there and play!

viii. DUELLING (based on opponents with about the same levels as you.)

vs. attack type shamans – early levels you own them. since they only have fireballs and weaken(which is rarely used) at their disposal till level 46. but this is the part that you should be carefull. by level 47, they already have the gaia strike. and you only have enhanced, drill, and a useless rapid pierce. good thing the casting time is slow so if you’re lucky, you could kill them after they cast it. higher levels, you’re still in advantage from level 57, even though your next skill is on level 77, your combo should be enough to kill them before they even cast 2-3 spells.

vs. full support shamans – they’re annoying even though they dont have super powers in early level. at level 68, they have lots of buffs plus they already have heavens treatment. you could just wait for the spell to finish then dish her out! you can still beat her even if she gets her nuke but, it’s a different story when she gets haste. argh… really annoying.

vs. pow shamans – 4 things. armor, combo, weapon, and luck. who lands the elemental first wins.

vs. dex archers – early levels they’re weak. but odds change when you reach higher levels. their early level skills are slow casting and you’re in advantage at that point. it gets problematic at higher levels when they get their evasive chant. of course it’s hard to beat someone you cant hit.

vs. pow type archers – never get to duel with them often but their usual combo, comes with amazon fury. anyway just stick with them. you’re faster anyway(skill casting time wise) and give her your best combo.

vs. int type archers – annoying ones opponents too. their combo is usually having the strongest first(depends on their level) then shockwave(cancels almost every skill there is) and vampiric arrows which restores their hp. grrrr… so annoying.

vs. dex brawlers – they have good cancelling skills. high defence but low attack power. hmmm. this is where luck comes in. you should be well and good if he still doesnt have deadly seven at his disposal. critical shot is sloooow enough for you to land 2 skills on him. if your lucky, you’ll land your elemental. if you did, woohooo. see him cry. and say “lakas”

vs. pow brawlers – hmmm. early game you’ll probably loose. they have cancelling spells but speed wise, you’re faster 57th level up. at this stage, you’ll have a better chance against him.

vs. int brawlers – one thing, speed. give him your fastest casting spells and he’ll just cry. he’ll be a scary one at higher levels though. but they’re slow… slow pokes…

vs. dex swordsmen – early levels, you’ll loose if he lands his multi slash with an elec. grrr… they’re fast too. and early on he has higher hp than you. sad. got to try more duels with them. one thing, they’re better at cancelling spells than you even though you’re faster.

vs. pow swordsmen – they have strong attacks but slower spells. slow them down and you wont have that much of a problem. they usually go kick slash and jumping slash. overall people’s mentallity is to use they’re strongest attack fist. sadly this strategy works well on us since we’re bad at cancelling them.

vs. int. swordsmen – the tranquility skill is annoying. although you have gift of life too, they have powerfull skills. but again they’re slower than you so use your speed to your advantage. life would be so much easier if we have higher cancelling percentage.

party duelling: i’ll just give you some tips. if you’ve observed that you’re equall interms of total levels, and numbers, attack the ff. in order:

1. healer (support shamans) 2. killers (classes w/ high damage and mob skills archers, other shamans, swordsmen) 3. tanks (brawlers. they’re good one on one. but cant do much against mobs.) role mo? go for the weakest. ^_^ then pag nag ka cluster sila, punta ka sa likod and “kaching” baka maka patay ka pa ng tatlo at the same time.


-this guide should be sufficient in itself but kung may questions, suggestions, comments, and violent reactions po kayo eh pakipost lng.
-sorry kung di masyadong flashy tong guide, tinatamad na ako mag ayos eh.
-i’ll try to update this guide kung may time ako. i’ll have to try this my self since 80% nito ang confirmed 20% is based on theories. help me experiment when you see me ingame.
-oh yeah thanks for some brawlers and swordsmen na nakipagduel sa akin minsan. at sa mga dati kong nakaparty na naging pasensyoso’t pasensyosa sa pagpapanatili sa akin sa party despite of being useless.
-at salamat din sa writers ng ibang guides na nag udyok sa akin sa pag sulat nito. good work guys.
-sa nanay ko na nagturo sa akin mag type the right way. that way i spent most of my time thinking than typing.
-play hard, but there’s more to life than gaming.


  1. I’ll tell you my story and my concern. I was standing at the TH ring just standing by waiting for my party members so that we could go to CP. Suddenly someone challenged me. So because of my boredom, I accepted it. I applied GOL (by the way, I have lvl 88 pow shammy alamat mp school), then… bakbakan!!! I started out with spectral pierce (since it is a range and a fast skill to my experience) so the enemy’s first skill (it was the horror skill, PETRIFY!!!) was cancelled. My heart was beating so fast because akala ko dedz na ako. So she followed with infernal. It took half of my hp. I followed this combo (spectral, radial, lunar) and I was using elec abolish +3. the element landed on her!!! What a relief! And to my notice, half of her hp was lost. Unfortunately, she casted PETRIFY and ,,,,,, -.-,,,,, it landed on ME!!! Then I knew she was 157 above since she casted meteor smash but it didn’t one hit me (4.0 hp boost) ^^. I was really close to winning. (imagine… half of her hp? Lvl 157 above?) just because of PETRIFY. So my concern is, because of our low canceling rate, we cant cancel PETRIFY all the time. So I am currently planning to use obli B to donate some of my stats to int so that I can learn revitalize (I already have SR, its prerequisite). Can revitalize cancel the effect of petrification? (anyways, even if it wont, I’ll still use it so I wont lose to brawlers who have elec.) ^^ and btw, thanks for the guide.

    Comment by mark gonzaga (name ko sa ran ay spear`guardian sa alamat...) — November 10, 2008 @ 7:35 pm

  2. Pabilisan. Yan ang labanan sa pagiging pow type shaman, on my disposal at level 97 onwards, i can take down characters whose set is upgraded to +7?, imagine? Im using spear w/ lightning. On level 110, i can also take down dex archers with their known combo SF/DOD. pero minsan talo parin, in my experience, nakatalo na ko ng level 157 na shammy! Katakot! She was casting the gravity on me, buti nalang cancelled agad ! Ayun mh palayo, kasi napahiya. ^^ i had problem with pow brawlers, pero as of now, nakuha ko din tamang combo for them. Pow shammy parin nagwagi.

    Comment by xhiddenx — July 18, 2010 @ 10:38 pm

  3. emmmm, can u give tips on how to mix pow and support?

    Comment by bakhtsukasa — May 12, 2011 @ 10:54 am

  4. Hey man, I loved your blog, reading this in 2018! Started playing since I was a kid, and still playing this game as of today, I’m still addicted, sadly the main server is kinda’ corny already, but I’m currently playing private servers that offers the classic gameplay.

    Send me an email if you’re still playing. 🙂

    Comment by Jr — July 5, 2018 @ 9:42 pm

  5. Thanks… Have stopped playing for a long time, content not updated but I hope it can still be of help ^_^

    Comment by melfabro — November 19, 2018 @ 5:10 pm

  6. ang str and stm same lang ba?

    Comment by chum — March 19, 2020 @ 1:44 pm

  7. yung str po para sa increased attack
    yung stm para sa use ng skills

    Comment by melfabro — June 16, 2020 @ 10:54 am

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