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June 22, 2008

Epaullete/World Entry/Normal Item/Rare Iten/Chaos Lamp:Drop List

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DT Cards lvl 35 – lvl 70

Skeleton Mine lvl 35 + : Baba Yaga
Mummy Grave lvl 45+ : Bitter Leaf
Lighthouse Maze 55+ : Bugdolphy
Ghost Ship 55+, Ghost ship (party) 55+, Chimera (party) 65+, Troglo Lair (party) 65+, Zombie Infested Cottage (party) 65+: Phantom Crew
Mummy Grave (party) 70+, Skeleton Mine (party) 70+, Parasite House (party) 70+, The Ruins Of The Ancien City 70+ : Auto Cannon-op

Map parts : Lake In Dusk lvl 75

Fort_Ruina : All the mobs of the land
Undead Ground : All the mobs of the land

Muster Card : Ruina Station lvl 85

Fort_Ruina : Mechazard, Auto Cannon-Ex, Excavator-alfa.
Undead Ground : All the mobs of the land

Epaullete of the Dead (B1F) lvl 95

Undead Ground : All the mobs of the land

Epaulette of Dead (B2F) lvl 105

Undead Ground : Vampire Servant +, Spector, Wraith
B1F : All the mobs of the dungeon drop B2F EoD’s

Seal Of Darkness lvl 105

Fort_Ruina : Hounds-S01
Lakeside : Bloody Orc, Dark Gnoll
Forgotten Ruin : All the mobs of the land
Mutant Forest : Any mob in Mutant Forest

Muster Card : Forgotten Temple B1F

Lakeside : Any mob in Lakeside
Forgotten Ruin : Fire Beetle, Cockatrice, Hexacyther, Blade Peryton
Mutant Forest : Any mob in Mutant Forest
Pontus Ferrum : Penna


Epaulettes +3

Bloody Ice : Ape Zombie, Shade, Ghosts
Desert Scream : Lug Queen
Green_Despair : Moscutter, Mosscyther, Wriggle Leaf, Moscutter Queen
Port_Lux : Phantom Crew, Peryton, Crag Toad, Flame Hound, Stone Golem, Stone Gargoyles, Dark Bladers
Fort_Ruina : Mechazard

Epaulette of Guardian +4

Port_Lux : Ghoul, Dark Bladers
Fort_Ruina : Mecha Buffalo, AutoCannons-OP
DT Parasite House : Plant Pantherhorn

Epaulette of Sage +4

Fort_Ruina : Electric Bird, Auto Cannon-Ex
Desert Scream : Lug Queen

Epaulette of Fighter +4

Port_Lux : Stone Golem, Dark Blader
Fort_Ruina : Mechamender
DT Lighthouse Maze : Bugshark

Epaulette of Guardian +5

Fort_Ruina : Electric Bird
DT Parasite House : Wriggle Leaf + (boss)
Undead Ground: Lihorn Zombie, Ghost Blader
Exilian Volcano (Patren Patren) : Any mob in Patren, Patren
Forgotten Ruin : Fire Beetle

Epaullete of Fighter +5

Exilian Volcano (Patren Patren) : Any mob in Patren, Patren
Undead Ground : Lihorn Zombie, Zombie Fighter
Forgotten Ruin : Two-Headed Hound, Lihorna

Epaullete of Sage +5

Undead Ground : Zombie Fighter, Zombie Slater, Spector
Exilian Volcano (Patren Patren) : Any mob in Patren, Patren dungeon

Epaulette of Fighter +6

Undead Ground : Wraith, Spector
Forgotten Ruin : Stone Beetle, Fire Beetle, Giant Scorpion, Lihorna, Two-Headed Hound
B1F : Ice Zombie Lady, Frozen Slaughter Zombie, Flesh Golems
Ruina Station : Any mob of the dungeon
Volcanic Citadel : Any mob/chest of the dungeon

Epaulette of Guardian +6

Undead Ground: Death Giant, Spector
Forgotten Ruin : Stone Beetle, Cockatrice
Ruina Station : Any mob of the dungeon
Volcanic Citadel : Any mob/chest of the dungeon
B1F : Frozen Slaugher Zombie

Epaulette of Sage +6

Undead Ground : Spector, Death Giants
Forgotten Ruin : Sand Lihorn, Stone Beetle, Fire Beetle, Giant Scorpion
Ruina Station : Any mob of the dungeon
Volcanic Citadel : Any mob/chest of the dungeon

Epaullete of Sage/Fighter/Guardian +7

Lakeside : Berderk Faello
B1F : Any mob inside B1F dungeon
Volcanic Citadel : Last chest, First boss (archer) – EoG+7
Forgotten Ruin : Second Bird Boss


Newbie Stuff +0,+0 slot,+1,+2,+3
Nipper lug, Garlie, Mantis, Rabbithorn, Giant beetle , Troglo.

Reinforced, Iron (weapon), Red stuff +0,+0 slot,+1,+2,+3
Bloody_Ice : Scorp Lug, Scorp Lug +, Lynhorn, Zombie Maid, Zombie, Lynhorn Zombie, Lynxhorn Zombie Leader.
Desert_Scream : Red Gally, Gally Captain, Desert Fox, Desert Hound, Giant Snake.
Green_Despair : Troglo Fighter, Troglo Warrior, Dire Boar, Plant Toad, Bugzard

Iron (armor), Damascus, Coraleye stuff +0,+0 slot,+1,+2,+3
Bloody_Ice : Skeleton, Skeleton Warrior, Skeleton Mage.
Desert_Scream : Black Snake, Huge Beetle, Armaku, Armaku +, Bugmender, Mummy, Mummy Blader, Mummy Warrior.
Green_Despair : Highzard, Pantherhorn, Plant Pantherhorn, Giant Spider, Huge Spider

Shadowsteel (armor), Aramid, Shadowsteel (weapon), Citrine stuff +0,+0 slot,+1,+2,+3
Bloody_Ice : Baba Yaga, Hound Zombie, Pantherhorn Zombie, Ape, Ape +, Ape Zombie.
Desert_Scream : Archionis, Archipteryx, Archipteryx +, Clay Gargoyle.
Green_Despair : Moscutter; Moscutter +, Bitter Leaf, Mosscyther.

Bluestin (armor), Bluestin (swords and magic) +0,+0 slot,+1,+2,+3
Bloody_Ice : Ghost, Ghost +, Shade.
Desert_Scream : Antra Lug, Lug Queen.
Green_Despair : Mosscyther, Wriggle Leaf, Moscutter Queen.
Port_Lux : Crag Turtle, Crag Crab, Crag Toad, Peryton, Bugshark, Bugdolphy, Stone Gargoyle.

Titanium (armor), Titanium (weapon), Pherystin +0,+0 slot, +1,+2,+3
Port_Lux : Peryton +, Bugshark +, Bugdolphy, Stone Gargoyle, Ghoul, Phantom Worker, Phantom Crew, Flame Hound, Dark Soldier, Stone Golem, Dark Blader.
Fort_Ruina : Auto Cannon-op, Auto Cannon-op +, Hound S-O1, Hound sp, Mecha Ape, Mecha Ape +, Mecha ape archer, Mecha ape archer +.

Titanium (armor), Titanium (weapon), Pherystin +0,+0 slot, +1,+1 slot,+2,+2 slot,+3,+3 slot
Fort_Ruina : Mecha Ape, Mehca Ape +, Mecha Ape Archer, Mecha Ape Archer +, Mechamender, Mechamender +, Mecha Buffalo, Mecha Buffalo +, Electric Bird, Electric Bird +, Mechazard, Mechazard +, Auto Cannon-Ex, Auto Cannon-EX +, Excavator-alfa.
Undead Ground : All the mobs of the land

Osmium (Armor) +0,+0 slot, +1, +2, +3
Fort_Ruina : Mechazard +, Auto Cannon-Ex, Auto Cannon-Ex +, Excavator-alfa.
Undead Ground : All the mobs of the land
Forgotten Ruin : All the mobs of the land

Shadowtitanium +0,+0 slot, +1, +2, +3
Undead Ground : Vampire Servant, Vampire Servant +, Vampire Steward.
Forgotten Ruin : All the mobs of the land
Lake in Dusk : All the mobs of the land

Aqua +0,+0 slot, +1,+2,+3
Undead Ground : Spectors, Wraiths
Forgotten Ruin: All the mobs of the land

Osmium (weapon) +0, +0 slot, Lapis +0, +0 slot
Ruina Station : Invader Mecha Buffalo, Invader Mecha Buffalo +, Invader Mechazard, Invader Mechazard +, Invader Auto Cannon-Ex, Invader Auto Cannon-Ex +
B1F : All the mobs of the dungeon
Seal of Darkness : All the mobs of the dungeon . Chests included.

Redosmium +0, +1, +2, +3, +0 slot, Topaz +0, +1, +2, +3, +0 slot
Lakeside : All the mobs of the land
B2F : All the mobs of the dungeon
Forgotten Temple B1F : All the mobs of the dungeon.
Mutant Forest : All mobs of the land.
Volcanic Citadel : Topaz 2 Slots in Last chest of VC

Mithril Armors, Mithril Weapons
Mutant Forest : Lobatums (Crystal – nonslotted)


Shining Tooth
Port_Lux : Bugshark, Ghoul, Flame Hound.
Fort_Ruina : Hound S-O1.
Undead Ground : Lihorn Zombie, Berserk Ghoul.
Forgotten Ruin : Two-Headed Hound, Lihorna.

Blue Feather
Port_Lux : Peryton.
Fort_Ruina : Electric Bird.
Undead Ground : Lihorn Zombie.
Forgotten Ruin : Griffin, Cockatrice, Blade Peryton.

Strange Stem
Port_Lux : Bugshark.
Fort_Ruina : Mecha Ape, Mecha Ape Archer.
Undead Ground : Spector, Wraith.
Forgotten Ruin : Two-Headed Hound, Lihorna.

Hard Shell
Port_Lux : Crag Turtle, Crag Crab, Dark Soldier, Stone Golem.
Fort_Ruina : Mecha Buffalo, Mechazard.
Undead Ground : Deathe Soldier, Death Giant.
Forgotten Ruin : Stone Beetle, Fire Beetle, Giant Scorpion.

Mirror Stone
Port_Lux : Stone Gargoyle, Stone Golem.
Fort_Ruina : Auto Cannon-op, Auto Cannon-Ex.
Undead Ground : Death Soldier, Death Giant, Spector, Wraith.
Forgotten Ruin : Stone Beetle, Fire Beetle.

Yellow Jewel
Port_Lux : Stone Gargoyle, Dark Blader.
Fort_Ruina : Auto Cannon-op.
Undead Ground : Ghost Blader.

Sticky Red Liquid Port_Lux : Bugshark, Ghoul.
Fort_Ruina : Mecha Buffalo.
Undead Ground : Lihorn Zoimbie, Zombie Fighter, Zombie Slater, Zombie Knight.

Unknown Circuit

Port_Lux : Stone Golem.
Undead Ground : Lihorn Zombie, Ghost Blader, Death Giant.

Common Metal Fragment
Ruina Station : Invader Auto Cannon-op, Invader Auto Cannon-op +.

Shining Yellow Powder
Lake in Dusk : Minotaurus
Undead Ground : Spector

Illusion Coral
Lake in Dusk : Orc.

Astral Skull
B1F : Ice Ghoul Warrior, Ice Ghoul.

Machinery Head
Ruina Station : Invader Auto Cannon-Ex +

Unknown Machine Part
Ruina Station : Invader Mecha Buffalos

Familiar Mineral
Lakeside : Bloody Ogres

Rare Items

Vampiric Earring +0
Lakeside : Bloody Orcs
Volcanic Citadel : Dark Phallanx

Vampiric Earring +1
Lakeside : Bloody Orcs

Vampiric Earing +2
Lakeside : Bloody Orc Mage
Mutant Forest : Mossites, Viant
Forgotten Temple B1F : Any chest of the dungeon

Vampiric Earing +3 / +4
Lakeside : Dark Troll (+3), Berderk Faello (+3 and +4)
Forgotten Temple B1F : Random mobs (+4), Key Quest Chest
Volcanic Citadel : Force Archer Boss

Life Absorb Bracelet +0
Forgotten Ruin : Fire Beetle

Bracelet of Fighter +1Lakeside : Bloody Orc Mage

Bracelet of Brute +2
Lakeside : Bloody Orc
Volcanic Citadel : Flame Hounds (Bracelet of Brute +2 with Sword amp 3%)

Bracelet of Sage +2 / of Fighter +2
Lakeside : Bloody Harpy Warrior
Forgotten Temple B1F : Key Quest Chest

Bracelet of Sage +3 / of Fighter +3
Lakeside : Berderk Faello (both), Bloody Orcs (BoF3), Bloody Orc Mage(BoF3)
Forgotten Temple B1F : All mobs/chests of the dungeon
B2F : Any mob inside the dungeon

Bracelet of Sage +4 / of Fighter +4
Forgotten Temple B1F : Key Quest Chest, Random mob (could be any mob i think)
Volcanic Citadel : Any mob of the land (random drop)
Lakeside : Berderk Faello

Bracelet of Fighter/Sage +2 – Slotted
Pontus Ferrum : Any mob of the land
Mutant Forest : Branny

Bracelet of Serenity +1
Lakeside : Bloody Orc Mage

Evasion Earing +0
Forgotten Ruin : Giant Scorpion

Evasion Earing +1
Lakeside : Bloody Orc mage

Mana Absorb Bracelet +1
Lakeside : Bloody Orc, Bloody Orc Mage

Extortion Bracelet +4
Volcanic Citadel : Paaks chest (last phalanx boss)

Vital Earring +1
Forgotten Ruin : Blade Peryton

Vital Earing +2
Lakeside : Bloody Orc, Dark Gnoll Mage, Dark Gnolls

Earing of Guard +2
Mutant Forest :Mossites
Forgotten Temple B1F : Any chest of the dungeon
Lakeside : Bloody Orc

Earing of Guard +3 / +4
Lakeside : Bloody Orc, Berderk Faello
Forgotten Temple B1F : Any mob/chest of the dungeon (both earrings)
B2F : Any mob of the dungeon

Astral Core : Blue Mitrhil
Pontus Ferrum : Penna, Pluma, Quadra, Gravis
Forgotten Temple B1F : First Chest in B1F and the Key Quest chests

Shapes/Discs LVL4
Mutant Forest : Ectoleafs, Branny
Lakeside : All the mobs of the land

Astral Skull
B1F : Any mob of the dungeon
B2F : Any mob of the dungeon
Forgotten Temple B1F : Any mob/chest of the dungeon
Volcanic Citadel : Any mob of the dungeon

Force Core Highest / Upgrade Core Highest Chaos Arena
Pontus Ferrum : PF Bosses
Mutant Forest : Branny, Ectoleafs
Forgotten Temple B1F : All chests in FT : B1F

Amulet of Guard +6
Fort Ruina : Mechzards+

Amulet of Guard +7 – Requirement for Circuits Level 6
Undead Ground : Wraiths, Spectors, Death Soldiers
Forgotten Ruin : Giant Scorpions, Hexacyther, Cockatrice
B1F : Any mob of the dungeon
Ruina Station : Any mob of the dungeon
Forgotten Temple B1F : All mobs in the dungeon

Ring of Luck +2
Forgotten Ruin : All the mobs of the land
Mutant Forest : Ectoflower

Astral Boards
Fort Ruina : Auto Cannon-Ex

Plates of Honor
Forgotten Ruin : All the mobs of the land

Astral Board X2 – Green
Fort Ruina : Hound S-01

Astral Board Card : Type Zero Black
Port Lux : Crag Turtle, Stone Golem, Dark Blader, Flame Hounds
Fort Ruina : Hound S-01, Mechamender, Mechazard, Auto Cannons-Ex
Undead Ground : Zombie Slater

Astral Board Card : Type Zero Silver
Port Lux : Peryton, Peryton+
Undead Ground : Ghost Blader, Wraith

Blue Bike
B1F : Legacy chest in B1F (last one), Mergaheph’s Chest
Ruina Station : Any chest of the dungeon.

Bike RW-3
Ruina Station : Any chest of the dungeon.
Lakeside : Berderk Faello
Forgotten Ruin : Monakus Karion
Volcanic Citadel : Force Archer Boss
B1F : Vampire chest (Pertz)

Slot extender (High)
Lakeside : Bloody Harpy Slave, Bloody Harpy Warrior, Berderk Faello
B1F : Pertz’s Chest, Megaherph’s Chest

Slot Extender (Medium)
B1F : Last Legacy Chest of the Dungeon.
Volcanic Citadel : Last chest of the Dungeon
Lake in Dusk : Zigdris Faello

Slot extender (Low)
Fort Ruina : Mechzard
Volcanic Citadel : Paaks (chest)
DT Dungeons 60+ : Any mob of the dungeon
Volcanic Citadel : @the Blader Boss (Tareupeu? last one) chest – the one on the right side of the last boss room.

Plasma Coating Kit
Lake in Dusk : Troll
Ruina Station : Any mob inside the dungeon
B1F : Ice Baba Yaga, Ice Ghoul Warrior, Bloody Bat, Ice Hounds (near Werewolf), Frozen Slaughter Zombies
Forgotten Temple B1F : Any mob in the dungeon
Chaos Arena : Pluma (lvl 125-170)
B2F : Andreas Schultz Chest

Powerless Core
Mutant Forest : Branny, Ectoleafs, Ectoflowers, Mushed

Undead Ground : Lihorns
Port Lux : Dark Bladers, Golems

Upgrade Core Highest
Pontus Ferrum : ARM-01 Assassin, UMD-02 Cornus

Common Metal Fragment
Ruina Station : Mecha Ape Archer, Mecha Buffalo


50x Hp Potion(Lv3)
50x MP Potion(Lv3)
50x Return Stone
Upgrade Core(Low)
Upgrade Core(Medium)
Upgrade Core(High)
Force Core(High)
Slot Extender(Low)
Slot Extender(Medium)
Map Part
Muster Card Ruina Station
Epaulette of the Dead
Epaulette of the Dead(B2F)
Plates of Honor
Astral Board – All types
Astral Bike RW-3
Plasma Coating Kit
Epaulette of Fighter/Sage/Guardian +6
Any Extract potions

June 21, 2008

Force Blader: Swordsman whose blade flares with the force

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The invention of Crystal and the birth of Force Archer have brought yet another class after Force Shielders. Since Force Bladers were formed almost at the same time as Force Shielders, they shared many things in common. From the early years of Nevareth, people have wished to use sword and magic at the same time so that they can cover both short- and long-range battles.

However, it was almost impossible before Force Archers and Force Shielders appeared. But with their appearance, people were greatly encouraged to study magic swordsmanship that lead to the establishment of the technique now used by Force Bladers.

Force Bladers use a sword in one hand and a force controller in the other hand. Unlike defensive Force Shielders, Force Bladers prioritize agility for precise attacks. It is for the same reason that they cannot wear armor heavier than Battle Suit Armor Set. Also, they preferred to use “Orb”, which focuses on destructive power more than force control.

The research in Force Bladers obtained a fruitful result in establishing Agility Force Bladers but it was not that satisfactory. Agility Force Blader’s sword skills were not as strong as Bladers’ skills and their magic skills were not as powerful as Wizards’ or Force Archers’ skills. They were also unable to perform support magic spells unlike Force Shielders. They must find another way to improve their power. After long research, they realized that using sword and magic spells at the same time would compensate for the weakness. Thus, they created a unique battle skill known as “Magic Sword Skills”. This is how Force Bladers, the Magic Swordsmen came to be.

Since Force Bladers must be equally skillful in fencing and magic, they try to keep balance their practice in physical strength and intelligence. Although there are not yet many Magic Sword Skills introduced, Force Bladers can use joint sword and magic skills. Well-experienced Force Bladers are told to be able to combine every possible magic spell with their sword skills, and inflict more damage by mastering combining magic and sword skills.

Recommended Item

Armor : Battle Set

Weapon : Katana + Orb

Recommended Distribution of Abilities

Katana + Orb : STR 4, INT 4, DEX 4

Types of FBs:

Battle / Normal FBs

This is the standard type for Force Bladers. Battlesuits has a balance amount of Defense and Defense rate meaning it’s in between Armor suits and martial suits. This build perfectly fits FBs in both PvP and PvE.

Heavy FBs

This is a pvp type for Force Bladers who wears armor suits. For those who are pvp oriented, go for this build because it has higher defense than battle suits which is helpful in pvp but has less defense rate which is needed for pve but the defense can cover it. Do this once you finish the lvl60 rank up quest since it’s the last growth..* Follow the Force Shielder stats *

If you got +slotted Terragrace set then go wear it!!! Because Terragrace has better defense and defense rate than Osmium Armor set…

Plus it looks smexy with a cape X3…

About Forcium/ Mithril battle set, you can get this if you like(when it’s available in this version) but most just stick to osmium or terragrace since Forcium/Mithril is hard to get…

Final Skill build

Sword skills:

Dash lvl9

Fade Step lvl9

Illusion stab lvl20

Infernal Stigma lvl18

Dance of Ruin lvl20

Abyssal Crystal lvl20

Force Impact lvl15-18

Force Slash lvl20 (pvp move)

Force Assault lvl20 (pvp move)

Infernal Impact lvl9

Assassinate lvl9

Magic skills:

Earth Guard lvl20

Lightning Blade lvl20

Aqua Vitality lvl20

Wind Movement lvl20

Stone cannon lvl 20 (for Bm1)

Aqua cannon lvl 20(for Bm1)

Lightning cannon lvl20(for Bm1)

Wind cannon lvl20(for Bm1)

Resist Intension (most FBs don’t use this much because they use their debuffs most of the time in pvp but it’s still kinda useful.)

Execratiom *max it if possible*

Lower Defense lvl20 (you can also use this to lure bosses)

Hard Luck (max)

Darkness (max)

Field of Enervation (max)

Mana Freeze (max)

Field of Execration (max)

Upgrade Skills:

Vitality Mastery

Offensive sense

Impact Control

Damage Absorb

Sixth Sense

Reflex or Defensive Sense

*For the two builds for FBs it’s recommended to use Reflex but if your a pvp oriented type go with defensive sense*

FBs at lower levels and skill rank are pretty much weak. But once a FB reach A.Master rank, that’s where it gets stronger.

Skill grinding:

Get to lvl40+ asap to use adept items. Get the +3/4Skill Exp ones(adept aramid battleset).

Then go punching, it might be boring but it’s worth it. Punch all the way to Dual Master, stop your Magic at Master 33/96 to get all your buffs(Lightning blade, Earth Guard, Aqua Vitality and Wind Movement) at lvl20 max. Then go to the Port Lux instructor and get Force Change Magic to Sword, with this you can gain more and faster only for SWORD. Go get a noobie sword(in order to use your buffs to support you while skill grinding namely Earth Guard, Aqua vitality and Wind Movement), then go punching(normal attack).

For leveling magic, do the same just replace Force Change magic to sword with Sword to Magic.

If you got premium service, it would be better and buy a board if you can afford it becuause it helps you in skill grinding (+hp,+def, +4Skill Exp , regens 2 hp and mp per two secs)

Leveling is easy when you have high skill rank and have strong skills at your disposal. XD

You can have higher hp than the others at your level and you can own a lot of people in PvP. =P


Do some quests in between so that you can earn some money to buy those skills.

Concerning on weapons, you can use katanas or blades it depends on you which you like better. You can also use Crystals rather than orbs because it has more attack than orbs *follow the Force Shielder stats*


Get as many items with sword amp as you can…. 2 is quite enough or 3 if you wanna be uber in pvp O.o… Also get crit…



Infernal Stigma(18)>Assassinate(9)>Infernal Impact(9) *Thats it, short aint it?.. Tongue but it’s quite useful especially when your surrounded by mobs, stunning them a lot giving you time to hp pot or to escape*


Infernal Stigma is your only stun skill and it is also your ONLY LIFE SAVER!!…..


This is the best combo for FBs..

Force Assualt(20)>Force Slash(20)>Infernal Impact(9)>Assassinate(9)> Dance of Ruin(9)>Abyssal Crystal(20)>Force Impact(20)

Use Force Impact as a finisher move….

I myself use this combo and it’s deadly effective.. Before duel starts use Lower Defense, Execration, Hard Luck then Mana Freeze(use this if your against FA, Wiz, Magic FS and other FBs.. you can also use this against Warriors, Bladers, and Sword FS but it will make it boring =/ they just stand there, doing nothing because they cant even cast 1 skill so no fun…)

You might notice Infernal Stigma isn’t included it’s because of its slow DPS and i remember from my experience your opponent can’t be stunned if he uses combo…

Force Shielder: The faithful warrior that uses the force to shield others

The invention of “Crystal” has created another possibility in force control. Force Shielders noticed that Force Archer’s Astral Bow can efficiently support long-range force control. They studied how to precisely condense force around Crystals so that force is not dispersed when used to attack enemies. As a result, Astral Shield was created.

The creation of Astral Shield opened a new chapter in the history of Nevarethian armors. Astral Shield has exceptionally high defense strength and it can be used for offensive purposes as well. Warriors and Bladers, who desperately needed a better way to fight and defend, became Force Shielders. They wanted higher defense while establishing their own unique battle style. Thus they started using the heaviest armor such as Warrior’s Armor Suit with Astral Shield at the same time.

Force Shielders specialize in short-range force control, which means that they are incapable of doing long-range attacks. However, they make up for the weakness by developing support magic spells that increase their attack strength by manipulating outer forces near their bodies, whose methods are similar as the Wizard’s strongest asset.

This revolutionary invention has become a turning point in the Nevarethian battle style. Force Shielders must invest a lot of their effort in physical strength in order to be equipped with Armor Suit, the strongest yet heaviest armor, as well as understanding of force in order to skillfully control force. Also, they need to consider agility for decent hit rate since they can only use one-handed sword. Well-experienced Force Shielders know various ways of manipulating Astral Shields, and can perfect their defense if they master in short-range force control.

Recommended Item

Armor : Armor Set

Weapon : Blade + Crystal

Recommended Distribution of Abilities

Blade + Crystal : STR 5, INT 4, DEX 3

Now when you make a Force Shielder, you have to decide, later on, if you want to be a Magic Force Shielder, Sword Force Shielder, or Hybrid Force Shielder.

Here are the good and bad, downs and ups, pros and cons, of each type of Force Shielder:

Magic Force Shielder


· You’ll be really good in PVP because of your strong cannons AND you have the defense of a Warrior since you wear the same Armor as them.

· In my opinion, Magic Force Shielder levels you up and helps you gain Skill Experience faster at low levels because they do good damage.

· Nice DPS (Damage Per Second)


· You’ll be spamming cannons the rest of your CABAL life, and not showing any rapid and cool-looking Sword skills.

Sword Force Shielder


· You’ll be an important player in your party because of your defense and AoE skills to take on those mobs.

· You have a LOT of cool-looking skills (Storm Cut, Shield Break, the list goes on…..)

· You can solo almost anything from quests to dungeons


· You won’t do as good in PVP as a Magic Force Shielder because Magic Force Shielders have higher DPS and can pack a whallop from a distance like Force Archers.

Hybrid Force Shielder


· You’ll be balanced in everything, making you a decent Force Shielder.


· You won’t be exceptional in one category. Meaning, that you won’t master the art of Sword and master the art of Magic as well as if you were one or the other.

Duels (1v1)

Against Archers

· DASH. LEVEL 9 DASH. If you don’t have it, you’re pretty much screwed against a Force Archer or Wizard. A good Archer will FadeStep as much as they can. Dash toward him and hit them with a ranged skill like a Magic Skill for Magic Force Shielders. Earth Divide and Shield Ray for the Sword Force Shielders.

Against Wizards

· Same strategy as Archer. Try to stun and knock them down, that’s essential. You don’t want them to Freeze you in an Ice Shower in Poison puddles, now would you?

Against Warriors, Bladers, Force Bladers, and other Force Shielders

· If you’re a Magic Force Shielder, then FadeStep and keep throwing in those Magic Skills. You should get some quick-casting spells and some heavy damage spells. Remember to Combo as well.

· If you’re a Sword Force Shielder, go crazy. Cast your chain of Sword Skills and hack-and-slash with them. Remember to Combo.



Alright, now there are 2 types of skills in CABAL. One is Training skills and the other is Normal Gameplay skills.

For Training Sword Skills, you should always get the skills with the shortest cast time, and combo with them. I recommend getting 4 training skills for both Magic and Sword. I recommend these Sword skills for training because they cast pretty fast.

· Impact Stab

· Flash Draw

· Rising Shot

· Shield Charge

For Training Magic Skills, same thing with the casting time. Here’s a note:

Get 4 Arrows, then “upgrade” to Lances. Don’t get Blasts because they have a long casting time, and that’s not good.

Now, it doesn’t matter which Arrows and Lances you get. It doesn’t affect how slow or fast you grind. But I will make a list of what you Arrows and Lances I recommend.

· Arrows: Magic Arrow, Aqua Arrow, Fire Arrow, Freezing Arrow

· Lances: Terra Lance, Fire Lance, Aqua Lance, Freezing Lance

Now, to Normal Gameplay Skills. These are the skills you will be using in normal gasmeplay (PVP’s, dungeons, quests, partying, PK’s,….) Here is the list of Normal Gameplay Skills you should get for Magic, Sword, and Hybrids


· Shield Splinter

· Shield Break (best damage skill)

· Shield Explosion (360 degrees knockdown)

· Shield Ray (the furthest ranged sword skill)

· Storm Crush (this isn’t really good because it has a very long cast time, but you can use it before you can get better skills like the first 2 above)

· Guillotine (frontal knockdown)

· Shield Charge (this is a moving/attack skill, warps you 4 spaces up to hit the enemy)

· Earth Divide (similar to Guillotine, but with further range and smaller radius)

· Dash (this is a movement skill)

· Fadestep (this is a movement skill)

· Shield Harden (this is a buff skill)

· Blade of Judgement (your only Stun Skill, essential)


· Regeneration (this is a buff skill)

· Crushing Blade (this is a buff skill)

· Shield Harden (this is a buff skill)

· Heal (quite lousy, but what the hell)

· Blade of Judgement (your only stun skill, essential)

· Terra Lance

· Fire Lance

· Aqua Lance

· Stone Cannon

· Fire Cannon

· Aqua Cannon


· Just get any skills because you’re both, right? It’s up to you.

Note: Get all buffs and Dash and Fadestep no matter what build you’re going. Max out all buffs and Dash and FadeStep as well.

Your training skills should be kept at a maximum of Level 9. The reason I say so is because any other level higher than that will increase the cooling and casting time, which is not good.

Your only Stun Skill, Blade of Judgement, is vital. It is your life-saver and without it, you can’t win any high-level quests, dungeons, and PVP’s.It is a 360 degrees skill that stuns mobs for 5 secs. In my opinion, you should leave it at level 9, where it has a cool time of 5.1 secs. Anything more than level 9 would not be good, because you would want to keep the mobs around you stunned, and you have to spam this skill every 6-7 secs to do so.

Tips on how to Farm Skill EXP.

You farm faster for both Skill and Level EXP when you lure enemies in mobs and hit them with your AoE skills. You gain much more EXP and Skill EXP this way.

Oh, and remember to get Adept pieces

Force Archer: The sniper that fires deadly force shots that cut through the wind

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Unlike Warriors, Bladers, and Wizards, the three remaining types of Authentic Six–Force Archer, Force Shielder, and Force Blader—did not originate from the Sage Tower. They were independently established and developed for hundreds of years since Nevareth Exodus by so called “Force Handlers”. However, as time passed by, the term “Force Handlers came to indicate all of the 6 Authentic Skills.

“Force Archers” originated from a Wizard group. They realized the potential of long-range magic spells, and studied how to intensify the particularity of the magic spells. The founders of Force Archer skills were greatly intrigued by distance and speed rather than space and power. They established the intensive long-range force attack skills for Force Archers, and created “Crystal”, an advanced version of Wizard’s “Orb”, which specializes in controlling force more than intensifying it. This great invention has resulted in creating another invention, “Astral Bow” that minimizes the risk of power decrease when using long-range force and improves force control and attack speed at the same time. Later, it served as a momentum for “Astral Weapon”, the embodied force.

Controlling Crystal requires at least a little bit of physical strength and agility. Force Archers do not move around much compared to other classes due to their unique battle style, and they wear armor such as “Battle Suit Set” from the Pastur continent which possesses better defense than light clothes armor. Well-experienced Force Archers can do fast long-range force attack, and if they master in force control, they can deliver a fatal blow to an enemy at a far distance with one shot.

Recommended Item

Armor: Battle Set

Weapon: Crystal

Recommended Distribution of Abilities

Crystal: STR 2, INT 6, DEX 4

This is the maximum STR and Dex stats that you should have:

STR: 113

Dex: 227

The rest you put on Int.

Skill Build:

Novice: Get Power Shot and Fire Arrow to 9. Combo with Power Shot, Magic Arrow and Fire Arrow until u get Power Shot and Fire Arrow to 9, where u can combo with just 2 skills. Get regeneration as well. Upgrade Skill: Vitality Mastery. Get Dash from sword skills as well, but u can decide whether u do this early on or u wait till u got a certain magic rank. If will suggest to get to level 40+ to wear adept stuff so u don’t waste too much time exping sword.

Apprentice: Get Repulsive Armor and max it to 20 ASAP, its your first final buff. Get Critical Shot and drop Power Shot. Combo with 3 skills until u get Critical Shot to 9 where u can combo with Critical Shot and Fire Arrow. If u plan to not combo much, u can get Precision to 20. Upgrade Skill: Reflex.

Regular: Get Explosion Shot, Fire Lance and Terra Lance and make them 9. Drop Magic Arrow and Fire Arrow. U can combo with Critical Shot(9) and Explosion Shot(9), or make them 12 and combo with 3 skills (use Fire/Terra Lance plus the other 2). Don’t get Eagle Eye until u hit level 140 (Rank 15). Its a final buff but it cant stack with Vital Force (HP buff) so its better to leave it til u can stack both. U can also get Blind to 20 if u plan to do bosses. Upgrade Skill: Drop Reflex and get Defensive Sense.

Expert: Get Stone Cannon to 9 and Lower Defense. Lower Defense is a debuff great for PvP but u can get it to 9 if u don’t have spare points. Eventually max it to 20. Lower Defense is also great for luring mobs cause it makes them agro. Some ppl like Poison Arrow cause it has Damage Over Time, but its kind of slow so its up to u. Upgrade Skill: Force Control.

A. Expert: This is where the fun starts. Get Shadow Shot, Mana Condense and Vital Force. Mana Condense and Vital Force are final buffs so u need them at 20. Drop Explosion Shot and replace it with Shadow Shot level 9 if u combo with 2 skills or level 12 if u combo with 3 skills. Get Sharpness to 20 if u plan to play more support. At lvl140, Sharpness stacks with Warrior and Bladers attack skills.

Master: Get Great Heal to 20. Don’t get Vital Bless until u hit 140. Its a final buff but it cant stack with Vital Force (HP buff). Don’t get Resist Intention until u hit 140 cause it cant stack with other more important buffs, besides its a PvP only skill. Upgrade Skill: Reflex or leave it blank til G.Master skills so u can buy 2 G.Master upgrades instead.

A. Master: Get Thrusting Arrow to 20.

G.Master: Get Gravity Distortion and make it 9. Get Art of Healing to 20. Upgrade Skill: U got many choices here. U can get Damage Absorb if mobs are hitting u too hard, Ruling Force if u need a damage boost, Sixth Sense if your Defense Rate is too low. I would go for Damage Absorb to make it safer. Later on u can buy them all but since u only have 5 upgrade slots, u need to choose just 1. If u left your Master slot free and got 2 free slots, u can get Damage Absorb plus Sixth Sense for safer PvE.

Completer: Get Shooting Star to 9 or 12 depending on your combo. Get Mass Heal to 20

Transcender: Get Art of Sniping to 20. Upgrade Skill: The last u didn’t pick, I will go for Sixth Sense. U can also leave the slot free so u can buy Change Force skill to start skilling up sword with magic skills. Up to u.

Now the skill line-up.

This is the skills and skill levels that you should have (if you’re Transcender you should have enough points left)


Repulsive Armor lvl20

Eagle Eye lvl20 (only by lvl140+)

Mana Condense lvl20

Vital Force lvl20

Greater Heal lvl20

Mass Heal lvl20

Art of Healing lvl20

Art of Sniping lvl20

Thrusting Arrow lvl20

Resist Intention lvlX (only by lvl140+ and every level only adds duration is not worth having it at 20)

Vital Bless lvl9 (only by lvl140+)

Precision lvl20 (if u dont combo and u just spam skills)

Sharpness lvl20 (if u wanna play more support)

Lower Defense lvl20

Blind lvl20 (if u wanna help with bosses)


Critical Shot lvl20

Stone Cannon lvl18-20

Shadow Shot lvl20

Gravity Distortion lvl9

Shooting Star lvl9

Lightning Cannon lvl20 (if u do the stunlock combo)

Fire/Terra Lance lvl18-20 (if u use them)

Poison Arrow lvl18-20 (if u do the stunlock combo)


It’s up to you if u want to get Drill Shot. There are others who says that it’s not good only for show.


Fade Step – lvl 9 (very useful because it helps you avoid being combo in pvp)

Dash – lvl 9

Upgrade Skills:

When you reach Transcender you will have 6 upgrade slots. These are the upgrades you should buy and max:

Vitality Mastery (a must have for any char – adds alot of HP)

Force Control (another very good upgrade – adds alot of magic=more dmg)

Force Rolling (same as above but better ^^)

Damage Absorb (good upgrade skill – adds alot of defense)

Sixth Sense (a usefull skill in PVE – adds alot of def rate)

And for the final skill you should pick either:

Reflex (if you like PVE more than PVP)

Defensive Sense (if you like PVP more than PVE)


For PVP:

Obviously you start combo straight away and use these skills to attack:

Shadow Shot first (knockdown at start=good chance to win)

Critical Shot second (does allot of damage over a short period of time)

Gravity Distortion third (adds good damage with chance to stun)

Posion Arrow last (again, adds good damage and gives poison damage over time)

After you used these 4 skills repeat all of them again.

Now for PVE:

Gravity Distortion first (stuns for long time)

Poison Arrow second (good damage and gives poison damage over time)

Drilled Shot third (good damage)

Prismatic Arrow fourth (good damage again)

Use these 4 skills on monsters and if you combo vs a melee mob it will be very hard for him to reach you ^^

(You can also use the PVP combo in PVE, for example if you’re killing a boss.)

PvE Combo: Gravity Distortion(9) + Lightning Cannon(20) + Poison Arrow(20) + Shadow Shot(20) + Stone Cannon(20) (99% stunlock combo but breaks if G.Master has no room to cast)

PvE Combo2: Gravity Distortion(9) + Shooting Star (9 or 12) + Critical Shot (20) + Shadow Shot(20) + Lightining Cannon(20) (Stuns and doesnt break when G.Master has no room, but u get hit once)

PvP Combo: Grativy Distortion(9) + Critical Shot(20) + Shadow Shot(20) + Poison Arrow(20)

Blader: The deadly blade dancer, the fastest dual sword user

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“Bladers” are the ones who mastered the “second form of force” that were inherited since Nevareth Exodus. According to the Sage Tower, blader skills originated from a type of martial art that was practiced in an eastern country of the Lost Age. That martial art was discovered and developed during the Honorable Age. With the leadership of the first generation of the 7 sages, the present form of blader skills was established.

Their practice is focused on maximizing physical abilities by using force, and they prioritize striking techniques and fast speed over destructive power. At the beginning, they used various kinds of weapons, but they quickly realized that the best armaments for their skills are dual swords and have settled with them. Since then, they use single- or double-bladed dual swords as their primary weapons and wear light armor such as “Martial Suit Set” from the Huan continent for speed.
Just like the warriors, bladers have very limited understanding in force, thus they mainly practice physical strength and agility more than studying the knowledge of force (intelligence). Well-experienced bladers are said to be able to create multiple doppelgangers by maximizing their agility, and to bring instant death to their enemies by summoning deadly Astral Weapons which are the results of their spiritual awakening in force.
Recommended Item

Armor: Martial Set

Weapon: Katana/Blade

Recommended Distribution of Abilities

Katana: STR 5, INT 1, DEX 6

Blade: STR 6, INT 1, DEX 5


To start ill be giving list of skills, to you to get and not to get so you will have no problems in getting money to buy skills.


  • Flash draw – Slash a target with the force of the wind in one breath.
  • Impact stab – The most basic fencing skill for swordsmen.
  • Stab and slash – Stab a target to confuse its sense of distance.
  • Fade step – Quickly run further away from an enemy.

Don’t get Fade step, it only cancels target stat to your enemy. (its useful only to F. Archers)

Don’t upgrade Impact stab and all others, its only a waste of money to cancel them.


  • Concentrate – Concentrate one’s mind to increase hit rate.
  • Dash – Increase one’s movement speed for a short period of time.
  • Double slash – Wield two swords at once.
  • Triple slash – Blader’s faster attack.

Max out Concentrate it is useful and Dash also the higher the level the lower the CD (cool down).


When you hit Apprentice 8, get Triple Slash[2]. This will be your real first Filler. Drop Impact Stab for this one.


  • Blade force – Increase the damage of a sword by infusing it with mana.
  • Death cross – Cross two swords and then stab a target.
  • Rising shot – Swing a sword upward to make a target lose its balance.
  • Double rising – Attack quickly using dual swords.

Get Blade force make it only level 9 – 12. Drop Flash Draw, and get Double Rising[1 or 2]


If you want death cross you have to drop one skill. Let that be Stab & Slash.


  • Storms grind – Hide and attack a target when it comes near the caster.
  • Assault – Move fast and accurately slash a target.
  • Hasing Dance – Inflict repeated spiral attacks on a target using a sword.
  • Iron skin – Increase one’s defense with the force.

Get iron skin[9-12] it increases your def accordingly. Get Hasing dance [9] (the first skill that you will damn loved it), delete double slash for hasing dance.

At Expert 40 get storm grind[9] and drop triple slash skill.

A. Expert

  • Mirage step – Increase one’s flee rate by moving quickly.
  • Blade aura – Advanced Blade Force.
  • Round cut – Attack all of the enemies surrounding the caster at once.
  • Mirage grind – A deadly skill that leaves nothing behind when used.

Get mirage step[20], DROP blade force change it to blade aura[20], Get mirage grind (one of the best AoE skills for blader).


Don’t get round cut, its useless all jobs have this one and its not a job skill.


  • Twin – moon slash – Twin moons from dual swords that bring death to their target.
  • Aura barrier – Increase one’s defense using your aura.
  • Vital Interference – Impact a target and interrupt it from taking action.

Twin – moon slash [20] is a long ranged skill for bladers, Drop off the Iron skin for Aura barrier [20] because Aura barrier give greater defense.

Vital interfere is useful when not using combo because it stuns the enemy for 3+ seconds.


When you are now in master you have +3 more skill slots, so you can get more skills.

A. Master

  • Blade Cry – Create a shock wave by spinning a sword with might.

Get blade cry [10 – 20] it has the most damage in one blow.


Its better to get Blade cry in level 10 or 12 (i forgot) because the higher the level it goes it will have a higher cool down.


  • Blade scud – A merciless sword attack with the driving force of the wind.

Get this because this it the BEST skill ever!!!


Same as blade cry the higher the level the higher the cool down.



  • Vitality mastery – Increase the amount of one’s maximum HP by physical training.
  • Mana mastery – Increase the amount of one’s maximum Mana through spiritual meditation.

Vitality mastery is a must! Get it in every skill upgrade. Don’t get mana.


  • Reflex – Enables its user to increase defense rate.
  • Sharp eyes – Enables its user to increase attack. (Simply increase ACCURACY not attack)

Get reflex first and then sharp eyes if you have a free skill slot. Upgrade both.


  • Offensive sense – Increase one’s attack strength by practicing the sense of attack.
  • Defensive sense – Increase one’s defense by practicing the sense of defense.
  • Force control – Increase magic attack strength by practicing force management.

Get Offensive if you want more damage or defensive to have more def. Its up to you to choose but not Force control.


  • Change Force (Sword to Magic) – Transfer sword skill experience points to magic skill points
  • Change Force (Magic to Sword) – Transfer magic skill experience points to sword skill points


Get Change Force (MAGIC to SWORD) because if you have this you will now not able to level you magic but instead double your exp on skills on sword.


  • Impact Control – Increase attack strength by improving hit efficiency.
  • Damage Absorb – Increase defense strength by absorbing a certain amount of damage that was dealt to the caster.
  • Eyes of Mind – Increase attack rank by using the mind’s eye.
  • Sixth Sense – Increase defense rank by fully using your senses.
  • Ruling Force – Increase magic attack strength by expanding the force control power.


Get one at a time because it cost a lot!!

Get only what’s best for you. Impact control, Damage absorb, Eyes to mind or Sixth sense.

BUT its better to have Impact control and Sixth sense/Eyes to mind because it is a requisite of a blader to have.

Wizard: Ultimate Destroyer, the Ruler of the Force

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Wizards are the ones who mastered the very “last form of force”, which the Sage Tower has inherited from the Honorable Age. They manipulate force to compensate their physical weakness.
Just like sword skills, magic spells are known to have originated in the Lost Age. However, according to theory, it was only during the Honorable Age when magic became a publicized combat skill.
The present form of magic spells was developed by the first generation of the 7 sages. If sword skills use force to maximize a person’s physical abilities and destructive power, magic skills use force within oneself to manipulate outer forces and create powerful energy. In the early years of Nevareth, they used a type of force controller called “Force Stick” that was inherited from the Honorable Age. But as Core Technology developed, they started using an aggressive force controller called “Orb”.
Orb is one-handed, which means that Wizards can equip orb in both hands to double their power. It also enables them to cast multiple magic spells at the same time.
Wizards invest a lot of effort in intelligence in order to efficiently control force. Because of this, they do not possess much physical strength or agility. Thus they prefer to wear light armor such as Martial Suit Set. According to some theories, they avoid metallic armor because it prevents them from close contact with outer forces. Well-experienced wizards are said to be able to simultaneously use multiple magic spells with ease, and inflict enormous damage just by using a simple spell.

Recommended Item

Armor: Martial Set

Weapon: Orb
Recommended Distribution of Abilities

Orb: STR 1, INT 9, DEX 2

Skill Build:

“Until you reach A. Expert magic the wizard class feels like an incomplete class”

Pros: Wizards have fast casting skills. They only need to concentrate on one stat, Intelligence, making them doing the most damage overall. Most of their skills have stuns and knockdowns, which compensate their weaknesses. Wizards have it easy on bosses.

Cons: They have worst accuracy, defense rate (evasion), and lowest defense in game. Meaning you’ll be hit a lot, hit for the most, and miss the most. Their skills do not do spike damage compared to warriors or bladers.

Important things you should keep in mind:

Combo at all times, it compensates for wizard’s terrible attack rate and not only that it helps you skill up faster.

Level up sword rank it’ll save you money and time on extract pots (redistribution of stat points). This means you better level up sword rank at least apprentice by the time you get mid-expert in magic.

Keep all damage spells to level 9 until you feel you can make a nice combo of 4 to 5 spells then level it higher because it gives the best cast time and cool down.

Follow the Growth stats. Armor comes first, Orbs comes later.

Things to know about Skills:

  • Limit? It’s a term they use under the skill description in the game
  • Limit 1 – single target
  • Limit 2 – Piercing ~ Line AOE (Area of Effect)
  • Limit 3 – Around you
  • Limit 4 – Large AOE. Only Wizards have this.

Standard spells – Every class receives these spells. Every rank has the same stats, but different type.


–          Novice rank are single target spells

–          Apprentice rank are single target spells

–          Regular rank are line AOE (Area of Effect) spells

–          Expert rank are AOE (Area of Effect) spells

Magic spells – Decent all around

  • Aqua spells – Fast cast time, decent range and decent damage
  • Ice spells – Fast cast time, long range, and decent damage. Good for pulling
  • Wind spells – Decent cast time, long range, and decent damage. Good for pulling
  • Fire spells – Long cast time, decent range and high damage
  • Terra spells – Long cast time, short range and high damage
  • Lightning spells – Long cast time, short range, and highest damage.

I suggest you get any of Aqua, Fire, Terra, and Lightning. This combination goes nice for comboing as well.


  • Burning Hand – Close ranged single target knockdown. Get this to level 9
  • Freeze – Ranged single target stun. Get this to level 9.
  • Arrows – Single Target


  • Dig Bomb – Ranged AOE (Area of Effect) knockdown. Get this to level 9.
  • Icicle Shower – Ranged single target spell. Don’t bother.


  • Hydro Disk – PBAOE (Point Blank Area of Effect) spell. Combine this with Dig Bomb, it goes real nice. Note this spell gets you real close to the enemy.
  • Weaken – Decreases both Magic and Attack. Great for duels and mini bosses. Get this later to level 20.
  • Windcutter – Ranged single target knockdown. At this rank your better off with lances. Optional – other than the knockdown for comboing, note that this is single target


  • Hardness – Increases Defense. Get this to level 20.
  • Acid Trab – Ranged AOE (Area of Effect) DOT (Damage over Time) spell. Get this to level 9.
  • Lightning Strike – Ranged single target spell. Note that this is single target -_-. At this rank your better off with cannons. Don’t bother with this

A. Expert

  • Sharpness – Increases only Attack. Useless to wizards, but great for Force Shielders. Optional but not recommended
  • Energy Field – PBAOE (Point Blank Area of Effect) stun. Get this to level 9. Weak but real nice stun to escape and eventually you can chain stun bosses with this.
  • Chain Explosion – Line AOE (Area of Effect) knockdown and knock back. Get this to level 9. This skill is okay, knock back is the only downside since it breaks groups of mobs, yet on the other hand it’s great on mini-bosses later on.
  • Vacuum – Ranged AOE (Area of Effect) knockdown. Get this to level 9. Like Dig Bomb.
  • Master
  • Chain Lightning – Ranged Large AOE (Area of Effect) stun and DOT (Damage over Time). Note that this DOT doesn’t stack with Acid Trab’s DOT. DOT on targets are determined by whichever one does the most damage per tick not overall damage of its duration.

Other Skills

  • Combo – Your best friend in PVP as well as PVE. Comboing never misses, wizards rely on this skill the most since our attack rate (accuracy) blows.
  • Fade step – Your best friend in PVP (Detargets you from players)
  • Dash – Combine it with Blink, its’ twice as fast
  • Chain Caster – Battle mode 1 ~ More damage, yet nothing special about it.
  • Double Caster – Battle mode 2 ~ this is by far one of the best battle modes in the game it allows you to cast two spells half the casting time. Awesome for skill leveling as well as PVP.
  • Elemental Storm – Battle mode 2 skill – Large AOE spell
  • Magic to Sword – When leveling sword rank, don’t bother with ‘Magic to Sword’ your better off grinding sword skills since ‘Magic to Sword’ hinders adept gear (Adept gear is not accounted for) and halves your normal skill exp.
  • Vitality Mastery – A must get
  • Sharp Eyes – Increases Attack rate – Suggested
  • Reflex – Increases defensive rate – Not suggested because our defensive rate is already bad enough, but then why Sharp eyes then? Our accuracy is just as bad.. Well as a wizard we kill the target before gets to us so I rather have a higher chance to hit it. Although this may be the case, we have to consider PVP (Not Dueling), we need evasion as much as accuracy so a balance of the two would be best for PVP. PVE would be what I suggested.
  • Defensive sense – Increases Defense – A must
  • Force Control – Increases Magic Attack – A must
  • Ruling Force – Increases Magic Attack – It stacks with Force Control
  • Damage Absorb – Increases Defense – It stacks with Defensive sense

General guide to making a wizard, level by level:

LEVEL 1-45
This is the same as every class. It doesn’t matter the skills you get, or the stats you have, really. Just be sure you can wear +2 Aramid Martial stuff.
I find that at early levels, level 9 Ice Elemental Spells (Ice Spear, all those) are the best. At Expert Skill rank, however, get the Flame and Terra Cannons. Those you’ll use later.

LEVEL 45-50
This is your choice at this level: Skill grind now, or later. Either way, it’s going to take time. I’d suggest shelling out about 1m to buy your +2 Aramid Set, (+3 Skill Exp) now, and grinding to about Master or A Master, even. It’s well worth it. To Grind, I’d suggest going to Moscythers, no matter how mobbed it is. Your second choice of course, is to keep going and grinding to level yourself up. This gets handy if you want to get some cash for skills and such, which is also important.
LEVEL 50-65
Port Lux. New place, new monsters, Possibly new KSer’s. You also MUST and I repeat MUST Grind here. The quests are Optional, yet I find them useless. Only do the 70+ Quests, since they give decent EXP and GREAT Alz. Whatever the case, you still got some choices here: If you went ahead and got the Adept set, here’s where you want to get adept BLUESTIN. +3 Skill exp is best, however, this isn’t cheap. Around 3-4m for the whole set. Don’t forget the new jewelry and weapons. As for training, From 50-55 you should go to Phantom Crews. Afterwards, go to Stone Golems, (55-60+) and finally moving to the beach at 60 or higher to mob Dark Bladers. At Stone Golems, you’ll find capes. VERY Handy to grind there, since you’ll get either money, or your new cape. They drop +3 and also +4 EoS/G/F. Also, after Open Beta ends, Dark Bladers will drop the Black Astral Board Key.
Again, you have the option to skill grind at this time. I’d suggest Crag Toads during this period.

LEVEL 65-70

Another new location: Fort Ruina! Congratulations for making it this far! Took me a week! (That’s a lot of time, you know). Anyways, here you’ll find some nice quests able to make you TONS of cash. One level 80 Quest gave me 1.5 MILLION Alz. Very nice. But you’re not there yet, so don’t get all excited. :]
As for Fort Ruina, the best thing to do is to try and get your hands on either Shadow Titanium (For Defense) or, buy Upgrade cores and get your Bluestin Adept to give you more defense. (Maybe even Titanium Adept sets will be out after Open Beta. Who knows? If you get one, use that!) Now, if you were a good little boy/girl, you took my advice and Skill grinded at your upper 40’s. This will allow you to use your Shadow Titanium and your Titanium Armors very early, like now (As Magic Skill Class levels give you somewhere between 12-17+ Int or Dex during Class levels.) If you didn’t, that’s fine. You’ll just have to start doing it now. I grinded at level 60, and it was a bit ch to level at Bugsharks. It’s much easier to skill grind at Moscythers at 40. BIG NOTE: If you have Premium, don’t worry about this too much. You’ll be able to grind 30% of your Skill bar on Dummies. If you don’t, or you’re already over 30%, just grind on monsters that hit low on you with your full Adept (1-40 Damage).
After you get to Master, or even A Master if you’re an Over-Achiever, you can go full on into Mechzards, which are located in the Arena in the far southern corner of Fort Ruina. These monsters HURT. I’ll tell you. In Full ST at this level, I was getting hit in the 100’s. Gonna need level 3 HP Pots now, guys ;P. Take small mobs and use your AoE’s. Hail Storm works best on these fellas, since they’re gigantic. You’ll rake in MASSIVE Cash (+1 or more Titanium drops for every 1-3 Kills, as well as Capes and Chaos Lamps have a high chance of dropping. Not to mention Map parts, which are handy later!) and MASSIVE Exp, since each hit you get from 900-2800 Exp. That’s just with ONE Monster. It can jump up to 20, even 30k Exp per hit if you can mob them successfully. Remember, BM2 is your FRIEND. (Elemental Festival OWNS These guys. Takes at least half their HP and gives you INCREDIBLE Exp, if you mob them right.)

LEVEL 70-80 (Current Cap)
From 70 to 80, all you got to do is keep up with the Mechzards and do ANY level 70 Quests you get from Port Lux or Fort Ruina. These give you loads of Exp and Cash. And a nice Double Slotted +2 Titanium Martial Piece. (Randomized). Although, you’ll notice if you look at the Lake in Dusk Map Pieces you get from Mechzards that it’s a level 75 Dungeon. You know what that means? Soloin’ time! Yes, you will single-handedly defeat (Or at least grind in) Lake in Dusk! (Assuming you have A Master by now… If you don’t… SHAME ON YOU! Go get it now! Otherwise, don’t keep reading! GRIND, GRIND, GRIND!)
If you’re still reading, you’re obviously A Master, or you’re just too full of yourself to take my advice. Don’t say I didn’t warn you though! These monsters are tough cookies. Don’t take the Orcs lightly!
This is a strategy I used to level from 75-80 in only 4 Hours: Grab all your LiD Map Pieces and get to Green Despair. Go to the end of the Moscutter Queen’s Red forest at the bottom of the map, that’s where the entrance of LiD is. When you enter LiD, put up your Buffs and go mob the first 4-6 Orcs you see. All the monsters (besides bosses) respawn after 10 minutes, so here’s what you do: Go through the Orcs and kill them all until you get to the Lake. By then, all the orcs should have respawned. If not, wait for them, or Go on into the Lake and kill toads until they respawn. The bosses don’t respawn quickly enough for you to kill them more than twice, unless you’re REEEEALLY good. Anyways, every 10 minutes or so, go kill the orcs. You’ll be glad you did. You’ll level around once, maybe twice a run if you’re quick. The bosses also drop more Map Parts and handy Stat Extract Potions and (*Gasp*) New Adept Jewelry~! Put on your level 70 Bracelets and Earrings and get back to work! There’s a lot more stuff ahead.
Once you get to 80, which is the current cap, you can enter the Undead Grounds, a new zone with VERY Strong Monsters. All monsters in UG drop Osmium. Yes, Osmium. However, they drop Slotted OS at a very low rate, and the OS/Aqua/Lapis Weapons also drop at a lower rate. To get into the Undead Grounds, buy the Entry Ring from the Grocer at Bloody Ice for 10k Alz. The door to UG should be near the Ghosts and Shades, passed the apes. Grind there for some cash, or for leveling.



Get Magic Arrow, Burning Hand and Freeze  to lv9. This is to allow faster skill training as what affects skill level is how frequent u cast your skills. You may choose other novice skills(arrows) but i personally prefer Burning Hand and Freeze because they have very low cooldown at lv9(burning hand 1.1s, freeze 1s) and very easy to combo. Reason for leaving these skills at lv9 = lowest cooldown time. Also, get Regeneration and that’s it for Novice.


Reaching apprentice allows you to learn the blasts. Don’t bother. This is because you will delete them anyway. However, get Dig Bomb

to lv9 because it’s limit 2(AOE) and knocks down the enemy. Good for saving your arse when you get whooped by many mobs. For other apprentice skills like Icicle Shower, don’t even look at them.


Now the regular rank. What skills can you learn lemme see.. Oh the lances. Just learn 2 of the lances, Terra Lance  and Fire Lance . They have higher DPS compared to the other lances at lv20. Don’t even bother touching Hydro Disk or Wind Cutter. However, if you got the alz and want to train faster, you may get it. And i was jw if Weaken is under regular. If it is, learn and max it. You’ll surely need this one.


This is when your cannons come. But firstly, get Hardness  and max it asap. Lightning Strike is useless as it’s too slow to be of any use. Acid Trap is good at lower levels, but start to get useless at the higher levels. It’s too low damage at higher levels and for it to be useful, you have to level acid trap to 20 for the max poison effect. And it’ll cost you a bomb to delete it. So, simply, don’t learn it. Get Stone Cannon, Fire Cannon, Lightning Cannon, maybe Aqua Cannon as well. Stone, fire and aqua are usually used for PVP while lightning is more for PVE til your gm comes.


Only 4 skills: Vacuum, Chain Explosion, Energy Field and Sharpness. and what’s the point of sharpness? for a wizard to punch? so don’t bother unless you wanna buff your mates and the points to spare. If you got the alz and want to train fast, learn all the other 3 as these skills are good at the low levels. Energy Field is a MUST HAVE because it has a nice cast time and stuns. However, i do not recommend Vacuum cos it’s too slow, in fact **** slow. I deleted it after killing a wriggleleaf. Also, for CE, it’s good for certain unstunnable bosses(those bosses in the patren quest) and just get it to 9 in my opinion.


Get Blink and Force Increase at master. Blink is awesome when you cast it with Dash. ultimate mobility ftw. Hailstorm is good for PVE purposes and i got it to lv20 and PVE became easier. nice damage, reasonable cooldown and knock downs the enemy. Get the resist knockback  buff later in the game cos for now, we can’t stack 2 spirit buffs and so the force increase buff will be cancelled if you cast the resist buff.


Get Arctic Field . It’s one of our ultimate PVE skills and works great. And for High Regeneration  get it if you got the alz. Good for PVP as max high regen gives 70hp per 2 seconds, quite a huge lot of hp regenerated. However, please note that high regen has a dumb duration of 60s (after lv80 rank up quest) and a GREAT cooldown of 180s. oh well.


Wowowowow what do we have here o.O? of course our ultimate skill of all. EXTREME DUAL CANNON. GET IT TO AT LEAST LV9 ASAP! With a stun rate of 75% for 5 seconds, nice damage and limit 3, it makes a great PVE & PVP skill. also learn spirit intension, our very first party exclusive skill. more of a pvp based buff skill, but just get it since we will have enough points for everything. once we’re in a party, all our party skills can be casted regardless of the presence of any nearby party mates.


With completer incoming, Space Collapse  is out. seriously lol@SC. Reason: although it’s limit 4, it isn’t like AF, and hits the monsters all around you. AF is limit 4 around us, but SC is limit 4 around the monster. in simple words, SC may not always hit the monsters behind you if the monster you casted yr SC on is in front of you. the only great thing about SC is the 80% stun..<3 other than that, it sarks.

Anyway, it still makes a good PVE skill. at least level 12 i would say. if you’re sooo into PVP then get it to level 20 after transcender is out. since comp lv20 will be deadly as a finisher in PVP. Btw also get Mass Restore.


This one’s pretty obvious. max both Raise Spirit and Art of Force Control


For sword rank:

Just go to any weapon merchant, get a normal blade, then go to any instructor and learn all the sword skills you can. Now go to any monster and start spamming your flash draws and impact stabs. You’ll get to apprentice very soon. serious =.=” Get dash at apprentice (duh, isn’t that what you want?) and max it. At lv50, when you can go to port lux, you can also choose to get the Change Force upgrade skill (magic to sword) which i will advise you to learn after maxing out your magic (i.e. Transcender 210/210). It’s also proven in the EU forums that spamming 3 sword skill combos is the fastest way to level sword. In other words, train your magic first or if you prefer to balance out both sword and magic ranks, then use a normal sword to train instead of change force.

Upgrade Skills

Vitality Mastery

Reflex or Defensive Sense

Force Control

Sixth Sense

Ruling Force

Damage Absorb


Magic Arrow: Lv9

Burning Hand: Lv9

Freeze: Lv9

^the above skills are for skill leveling, you may choose other novice skills.

Regeneration: Lv4

Weaken: Lv20

Terra Lance: Lv20

Fire Lance: Lv20

Hardness: Lv20

Stone Cannon: Lv20

Fire Cannon: Lv20

Energy Field: Lv18/19 (up to you but not 20, cooldown too long)

Force Increase: Lv20

Blink: Lv9

Hailstorm: i got this one to Lv20.

Arctic Field: Lv12/15 (higher than 15 has retarded cooldown)

Extreme Dual Cannon: Lv9/12 (12 recommended)

Space Collapse: Lv12 at least.

Max all other buffs not mentioned above.

the remaining slots may be for skills like acid trap, vacuum, etc. IMO it’s pointless though.

Warrior: The best melee fighter who possesses powerful fencing skills

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There are a total of 6 combat skills known as “Authentic Six” that have been inherited among Nevarethians. Among Authentic Six, “Warrior”, “Blader” and “Wizard” skills have been told to be established before Nevareth Exodus, the Honorable Age. According to a theory, at the time when Core Technology was at the zenith of its prosperity, hundreds of groups were practicing and studying their own unique skills, but the present skills are ones that were developed by the first generation of the 7 sages based on the Nevareth Exodus survivors’ knowledge.

“Warriors” are the ones who inherited the very “first form of force”. They practice physical strength by using force more than manipulating it. Thus being a warrior requires being physically superior than the successors of other forms of force.

As they prioritize physical power over technique and speed, their fights are thrilling and dynamic. On the contrary, their understanding in force manipulation is quite limited, thus intelligence is given less weight in their practice. However, well-experienced warriors are said to be able to awaken their latent abilities by using force to become berserk warriors, and summon Astral Weapons by having spiritual awakening in force.
Recommended Item

Armor: Armor Set

Weapon: Great Sword / Daikatana

Recommended Distribution of Abilities

Katana : STR 9, INT 1, DEX 2

Blade : STR 8, INT 1, DEX 3

Sword Skills

Dont level an attack skill past 9 unless I say so. Reason is because level 9 have the fastest cool down, making it easier to juggle skills during combo. Plus you\’ll be getting rid of a lot of these skills, so dont waste money like me trying to get rid of level 20 terrabreak! For buffs, level every single one of them to 20. I cant remember the most efficient combo at each check point, but generally use 3-4 of your strongest attacks in your combo until you get your finals.


Impact Stab: Piercing. Weakest sword skill, but at level 9 it\’ll be the 2nd fastest skill we have, making it good for skilling up. I actually kept this until I\’m tran and needed space to get my final set of skills.

Flash Draw: Frontal AoE. Get it

Fade Step: Dashing backward. Dont get it right away if you dont plan to PVP so early in the level. Even if you PVP, you might not need it. What it does in PVP is that it\’ll make your enemy lose target of you, and possibly messing up their combo if they fail to retarget you in time before their combo bar maxed out.

Power Stab: Piercing. Get it

It may be difficult to combo Impact Stab, Flash Draw, and Power Stab until they\’re level 9, So fit in a magic skill to help you out.


Heavy Slash: Single. Low damage. You can skip this if you can juggle the 3 previous skills.

Concentration: Strengthen Spirit (Self Buff). Increases attack rate. Most people skip this buff because you should be using combo all the time, and combos never miss unless when dealing with some dungeon bosses.

Dash: Dash towards where your mouse is pointed, allowing you to move around faster. It goes well with Fade Step to give your opponent a harder time with retargeting, and also used to chase down Wizards who like to fade/teleport.

Press Impact: Frontal AoE. Good damage and area effect.

Combo Impact Stab, Flash Draw, Power Stab, and Press Impact. Juggle these 4 skills around.


Rising Shot: Single. Deals a lot more damage than previous skills, its up to you if you want to get it. if so, replace Power Stab with this skill, or Impact Stab if you dont wish to use it for skill up purposes.

Blade Force: Strengthen Weapons (Self Buff). Increases your attack. The duration is low when you first get it, but you should have this buff up at all times.

Rising Blade: Single. Lots more damage than previous skills. if you want, replace Power Stab or Impact Stab with this.

Raging Thrust: Side AoE. Good damage and area effect. Replace Flash Draw with this.

Your combo now should look like Raging Thrust, Rising Shot, Rising Blade, and Press Impact.


Force Kick: Single. 1 second casting time, 1-12 range, and 75% stun. Sounds good and all, but it have a huge recast on it even at level 9. Only useful for PVP, and it depends on the situtation. You may use it at start of the duel or to catch up with a runner and hope it\’ll stun them.

Charge: Single. Fast casting time and fastest recast skill we get once its level 9. Very low damage, but its actually very good DPS @_@.

Iron Skin: Strengthen Body (Self Buff) Increases HP and Defense. At maxed, it gives 100HP and 38.5 Defense. Use it full time.

Rolling Crash: Frontal AoE. Another strong area effect skill. Replace Press Impact.

Cascade Break: Frontal AoE. Slightly better than Rolling Crash. Replace Rising Shot.

Your combo now should be Cascade Break, Rolling Crash, Raging Thrust, and Rising Blade.


Round Cut: Full 360 AoE. Low damage, but its a full 360 AoE. Get it if you like.

Blade Aura: Strengthen Weapons (Self Buff). Increases your attack. Dont get it right away if your Blade Force is stronger.

Spiral Doom: Full 360 AoE. Get it! This will be the first of your final skills. Good area effect, but you\’ll find low DPS with this skill if you\’re not fighting a bunch of mob at once.

Down Breaker: Stregthen Attack (Self Buff) Increases chance of knocking down your enemies. Use it full time.

Combo Spiral Doom, Cascade Break, Rolling Crash, and Raging Thrust.


Aura Barrier: Strengthen Equipment (Self Buff). Increase HP and Defense. At maxed, it gives 100HP and 57 Defense. Again, use it full time.

Sword Cannon: Piercing. This will be your first ranged sword skill, a must when dealing with dungeon bosses where you have to do hit and runs. Level it to 9 for the recast time.

Combo Spiral Doom, Cascade Break, Rolling Crash, and Sword Cannon.


Terra break: Limit3, big 360 AoE. Huge amount of damage, but very slow casting/recast time. Level it to 9, nothing more. You may also want to get get rid of this skill later once you get your final combo and in need of more skill slots. But if you want some more variety other than same old 3 skill combo, keep it! Just remember that this skill have horrible dps by the time you get your final combo.

Panic Cry: Limit3, big 360 AoE. This is our debuff skill, it lowers enemy HP and critical resistance. What this basicly means is it gives us more chance to do critical, and more critical damage from it. Get and max it! Its great to use at start of PVP or bosses where you can melee.

Terra break > Sword Cannon > Spiral Doom > Sword Cannon should work. If not, try Terra > Spiral > Cascade > Rolling with Sword Cannons in between if you need to buy time before Terra is ready again.


Whirlwind: Full 360 AoE, and piercing. This will be your strongest attack! Keep it at level 9, it\’ll be your second final skill.

Soul Blade: Strengthen Weapons (Self Buff). Increases your attack. Again, dont get it right away if Blade Aura is stronger.

Instant Immunity: Strengthen General Attack (Self Buff). PVP only. It gives you 100% resist to unable to move, knockdown, knockback, and stun. Doesnt last very long, but it helps tremendously in duels. Dont get it immediately if you dont plan to PVP much.

Whirlwind, Spiral Doom, Terra Break with Sword Cannons in between the 3 skills if you need to buy time. Should be easier now since these skills are near level 9.


Seismic Wave: Limit5, cone AoE. This ranged attack hits everything in front of you in the shape of a cone, and does damage over time. Level it to level 9 as this is your third, and last of your final skills.

Cat\’s Recovery: Strenghten Body (Self Buff). Huge HP regain over the course of 30 seconds (Duration increases with rank up), this is a great skill to use during PVP.  At maxed, it regains 100HP every 2 seconds. Wows!

Morale Shout: Strengthen Spirit (Party Buff). Increases HP for you and your party within the range. At maxed, it gives 450HP. Can only be used if you\’re in a party. Dont have to get it right away.

Fury Shout: Strengthen Spirit (Party Buff). Increases Attack and Magic for you and your party within the range. At maxed, it gives 110Attack and Magic. Can only be used in a party. Dont get it right away, because it only lasts about 1 minute.

Your final combo should be Seismic9 -> Whirlwind9 -> Seismic9 -> Spiral Doom20 -> Repeat.

Dont level SW and WW past level 9. You cant juggle this combo if you did. Until you get these skills at their level, you\’ll have to fit Sword Cannon in between like before. Great for PVE since it covers lots of ground. But low DPS when fighting single targets.

2nd final combo can be Cascade20 -> Seismic18 -> Rolling20 -> Whirlwind9.  I find much better DPS with this combo on PVP/single target. PvE isnt too good though because it doesnt cover a lot of ground, plus the fact that seismic wave\’s cool down has been increased.

Theres no *best* combo, but some definately works better than others. Try to find one you like best, or use the ones I mentioned.


Bear\’s Vitality: Strengthen Body (Self Buff). Increases HP. At maxed, it gives you a whopping 1000HP bonus. Combo it with Cat\’s Recovery when you\’re able to stack them at Lv140… /drool. Use it for PVP because of the duration.

Bloody Spirit: Strengthen Spirit (Self Buff). Increases attack while sacrificing a % of your defense. At maxed, it gives you 300Attack and -70%Defense. The attack bonus is huge, but it makes your defense almost nonexistant so you\’ll take a lot of damage as well. Use it only if you have tons of HP.

Magic Skills

Regeneration: Strengthen Body (Self Buff). This skill is very useful at early stages of your game. You\’ll recover a few HP every 2 seconds, its not a lot but it is better than nothing. You should use this skill all the time until later Body buffs. Also very useful during punching.

Dont waste money on anything else besides the tier 1 arrows for skill up purposes. Warriors are not meant to use magics.


I feel like mentioning this since Warriors have lots of buffs later on. Each buff have a category, for example: strengthen weapon, strengthen body, strengthen spirit, etc. Meaning you can only have 1 skill of that category active at one time. Iron Skin and Regeneration cant be stacked because they\’re under the same category, but you\’ll be able to stack them once you\’re level 140 after finishing up the rank up quest.

Buffs you should have active at all times are:

Regeneration/Iron Skin (Strengthen Body)

Blade Force/Blade Aura/Soul Blade (Strengthen Weapon)

Aura Barrier (Strengthen Equipment)

Down Breaker (Strengthen Attack Skill)

Buffs that you may want to use in PVP due to the duration of these skills are:

Cats Recovery/Bear\’s Vitality (Strengthen Body)

Bloody Spirit/Morale or Fury Shout (Strengthen Spirit)

Instant Immunity (Strengthen General Attack)

Upgrade Skills

These are the upgrade skills that I find the most useful.

Vitality Mastery: Increases HP

Offensive Sense: Increases Attack

Defensive Sense: Increases Defense

Impact Control: Further increases Attack

Damage Absorb: Further increases Defense

Sixth Sense: Further increases Defense Rate

Rank ups and Character Growth

Every 10 levels, you\’ll get new skills/abilities by doing rank up quests if you meet the character growth requirement. If you press C to view your character, you should see \”Goal Lv10 STRxxx INTxxx DEXxxx\”. What this means is you\’ll have to meet those stats requirements at that level before you can do the quest for rank up.

Dont worry if you cant meet the requirement until the next level, its normal consider the only way to meet the first rank up is to get the extra stats bonus from weapon/magic skill rank up. You may also meet the requirements ahead of time due to skill ups. Here are the skills/abilities we get at each level.

Level 10 – Combo: For finishing this rank up, you\’ll be able to initiate combos. The benefit of combo is that you\’ll use your skills much faster, your attacks never miss, and generally more damage compared to using skills without combo. Im not going to explain the use of combo, since its general gameplay.

Level 20 – Battle Aura: For finishing this rank up, you\’ll get a buff that increases a lot of your stats for a duration of about 1 minute. Theres a total of 6 auras, each having different visual effects, but the stats bonus are all the same. The aura you get depends on your selection in series of questions given to you after you finish the quest. Theres a guide out there that shows how each aura looks like, and what answer you need to choose, so google it if you want a specific aura. Please note that you cant use combo when in aura or battle mode until you\’re much higher rank.

Level 30 – Battle Mode 1, Berserker: For finishing this rank up, you\’ll get a buff that increases your stats, much like battle aura, but focuses mainly on HP, attack, and more HP regain instead of attack/defense rate, critical rate/critical damage, etc.

Level 40 – Stack Aura and BM1: For finishing this rank up, you can stack aura and BM1 at the same time, giving you more stats bonus. You just have to use aura followed by BM1, it wont work the other way around.

Level 50 – Battle Mode 2, Lancer: For finishing this rank up, you\’ll get a buff that increases your stats further than BM1, and transforms your weapon into a scythe. Your normal attack now deals frontal area effect, and you\’ll get a new special ability called Lance Drive that hurls your scythe at the enemy with piercing effect.

Level 60: Stack Aura and BM2: Same deal as before. Use aura then BM2.

I cant remember all the abilities you get from rank ups past this point, but at 100, you can use combos in aura, 110 combos in BM1, 140 lets you stack normal buffs.


Basicly, follow your growth rate, and once you met them, spend your points on stats to meet the requirement of equipments you want to wear. INT should be at maximum of 70, DEX maximum should be around 140, but going overboard gives you more defense rate to survive somewhat better than pure STR. The choice is yours, its impossible to mess up a character build. Just dont be crazy and be a pure INT warrior.


Newbie-Iron: Wear whatever gives you the most stats. You can find + versions easily during your travels. Dont bother enchanting or upgrading them. You\’ll out grow them very fast.

Shadowsteel: During your 40s, you\’ll be able to wear adepts. The whole set should cost a little more than a mil including rings/necklace. Only get the +3skill set, dont bother with +2skill. You\’ll notice that the great sword will have +6skill, but thats because we can only wield one, so the effect is doubled. Personally I wore this set throughout my entire gameplay until I hit dual tran, and only wore my \”business suit\” when it comes to duels/dungeons. As you can see, its absolutely possible to wear it during regular gameplay 24/7 and still survive compared to other armors with higher defense. If you can afford bluestin/titanium adepts, then thats fine. Just keep in mind that I wore it until level 120ish without having to shell out a couple mil for a piece of titanium adept.

Bluestin: Your defense and attack of adept shadowsteel will be a little weaker than regular bluestin, but its not gamebreaking. So only wear it if you PVP or in serious need of the upgrade. You can wear this set in your early 50\’s. You might find some slotted ones as you play, but dont enchant them because they dont worth much if you plan to sell it out. Just keep them since they have higher stats than regular. Epaulet +4 goes about 3-4 mil.

Titanium: You can wear this set in your mid 60\’s. It have much higher stats, and you\’ll come across slotted ones either from drops or people\’s shops. You can enchant/upgrade this set, or until you have access to slotted shadowtitanium. Shadowtitanium have the same stats requirement to wear, but they have better defense/rate/etc. The +5 epaulet that matches this set is also very cheap, I see them down to 500k each. It\’ll be a matter of time until everyone and their mom owns a set of +5 epaulet lol.

Shadowtitanium: More stats on it with same requirement as titanium. You\’ll notice this set have class specific requirements. So look for ones that says WA, because FS specific you cant wear. The epaulet of this set costs a little less than 20 mil I believe. So if you plan to use the body piece, you\’ll most likely be cape-less unless you can afford/find it as a drop. Nothing wrong with having an invisible cape, but I just wanna let you know since some people prefer fashion over function.

Osmium: You\’ll be able to wear this set in your mid 90\’s but if you get Completer at lvl60+ you can possibly wear it. This will be your set of armor for a long long time. You can easily find a piece of slotted Osmium for 150k average. Dont enchant/upgrade them, wait until you can afford double slotted osmium (about 1.5mil a piece except body, body is 300k average), then pour more money into it. Trust me, the money invested in this set will not be wasted, for you\’ll use this set for a long time, possibly forever! The epaulet of F/G +6 is going for about 22mil average, but you get atleast 1 mil per quest at this level as well. So save up those money and invest in a cape =]

Shineguard: Level 99 requirement, also class specific like shadowtitanium. Dont use regular shineguard, ever. Reason is because enchanted double osmium serves you a lot better, the only thing a regular shineguard offers is its defense/rate. Even so, the double slotted osmium can be better consider you get it to +5 or +6. Slotted Shineguard is what you wanna aim for. Its expensive and you\’ll lose that 1 extra enchant slot per piece, but the defense can overcome it.

Forcium: Just like shineguard, you\’ll lose a lot of enchants if you use regular forcium. But the defense should be better, making it useful during PVE.


A +4 weapon will be equal to the next grade. Example: My Redosmium Great Sword+4 have the same stats as a regular Forcium Great Sword +0. Both have 222 attack, and everything else except for the requirement to use. So theres no point for me to buy it except for a new look.

When you\’re high enough level for slotted shadowtitanium great swords, try enchant/upgrade them since its hard to get a slotted great sword (or anything better) after this point. It\’ll last you while so dont worry.

It gets confusing during slotted osmium great swords. You either upgrade/enchant it, or keep it *clean* as a catalyst for slotted redosmium weapon/helm to get the + critical damage increase enchant. You wont face this dilemma anytime soon, but when you do, the decision is for you to decide.

Use Great Swords instead of Daikatanas. Dais focuses on attack rate and magic, which is less important than raw attack of Great Swords. Dais also require you to have more DEX, making your STR lower than normal.


Heres some good necklace/rings you should be wearing besides adept.

Necklace: Amulet of Guard (defense and defense rate) or Amulet of Pain (defense and critical rate+). Necklaces with +stats on them is fine if you need it need to meet requirements of equipments.

Rings: Ring of Luck+1 (critical rate+ 10%) Ring of Fighter (defense, attack, attack rate)

You dont get to use bracelets or earrings until you\’re 70, but the only options are bracelet of adept and earring of bless. +1 version of those are level 80, and you\’ll wear them for a long time because the next batch of accessories costs a lot and have honor class requirements.


I find these enchants to be the most useful in all situation. They\’re level 1 enchants, but you dont need to waste money on random enchants hoping you\’ll get something super good.

Helm: Critical Damage Increase

Body: HP+

Gloves: Attack+

Boots: HP+

Weapon: Critical Damage+

For the enchants above, you\’ll need catalysts of the following.

Critical Damage Increase: Great Swords or Daikatanas

HP+: Helms

Attack+: Blades or Katanas

The catalyst must be equal or 1 rank lower than what you\’re trying to enchant. Example: If you want to enchant slotted titaniums, you\’ll need slotted +0 of titanium or bluestin. I dont know know if forcium follow this rule, but you shouldnt have to worry about it anytime soon.


Use Epaulet of Guardian or Epaulet of Fighter, Epaulet of Sage is useless for you unless you\’re pure INT warrior! EoG gives you defense, while EoF gives you attack. The HP you get is the same, and its hard to tell the difference of the stats bonus, so pick whichever you want to be honest with you.

Epaulet +3 is level 43 / Matches Shadowsteel/Aramid / about 2.5mil

Epaulet +4 is level 56 / Matches Bluestin / about 3-4 mil

Epaulet +5 is level 69 / Matches Titanium / about 500k-1mil

Shadow Epaulet +5 is level 75 / Matches Shadowtitanium / 20mil? /shrug

Epaulet +6 is level 82 / Matches Osmium / 22mil average

Epaulet +7 is level 96 / Matches Shineguard/Terragrace/Mystic / 300mil range?

\”Matches\” Meaning it\’ll only show up when you equip the corresponding body piece. You\’ll still get the stats bonus though.


When you\’re starting off, npc everything you cant use. Dont open a shop and try to sell some +5 or slotted newbie equipments either, you\’ll just be wasting your time. Smart people wouldnt buy it. If you find chaos lamps, i suggest you merchant for 300k, or npc it for a quick 250k. The chances of getting something worth more than 250k is slim, so only rub them if you dont need the money/feeling lucky. Your main income should be through quests, equipments you find, and upgrade cores. Ive never used any of my upgrade core highs, but when I was finally able to wear double osmium, I used all the cores I saved up and managed to get them to at least +5. You shouldnt need upgrade cores low/medium. Either save the lows to increase your enchant chance, or merchant them.

I dont suggest crafting if you\’re new with no one to back you up. Its too expensive, and the materials later on are ridiculous if you wanna look at it yourselves. By the time you can craft (level 50), no mobs you\’re suppose to be fighting drops shadowsteel/aramid. Forcing you to go out of your way to hunt them. You can save up a bunch of equipments and transmute them into materials when you\’re able to craft, but only do it if you have lots of warehouse space or willing to transfer them over to another character. All characters in your account have access to the same warehouse.

If you\’re very into crafting, and willing to take the effort, you should pick armor set or weapons. There are sub categories like gloves, body for armor. And great swords, 1 hand sword for weapon. But focus on 1 sub category so you\’ll reach higher rank faster while compared to doing all sub categories together.

Skilling up

Dont waste your time worrying about skill up before you can even wear adepts, unless you plan to whoop everyone\’s ass at as low level as possible and meet stats requirement of equipments sooner. I suggest you wear your adept full time as you play, and only skill up seriously as you see fit. I hit tran sword when i was in my 90s, with a few serious skill up sessions every now and then.

Heres some benefit for skilling up.

You\’ll have much stronger skills at your disposal, obviously making you stronger in PVP and PVE.

Stats bonus for achieving a rank so you\’ll wear equipments sooner than normal (My friend was able to wear Osmium in his mid 60\’s o.O).

Save money from extract potions when you wanna get rid of extra stats if you feel you went overboard.

Theres no downside to it besides the fact that it can be very boring.

Here\’s some bonuses for each skill skill rank:

If you want to seriously skill up, heres some tip:

Skill up magic by combo\’ing 3-4 arrows (tier 1 magic). When your magic is at a decent rank, get the upgrade skill from Port Lux\’s instructor that changes your magic skill up to sword. Once you have it, do the same magic combo, you\’ll now level sword rank by using magic skills. Its boring as hell, but i find this to be the fastest way. Combo\’ing sword skill is fine, but you\’ll kill much faster and need to retarget new mob consider you\’re fighting something weak.

The slow way is skilling up by punching. What you do is unequip your weapon, and find a monster that gives you exp, but also hits you for very little damage, yet receive very little damage so you can afk/do something else while you punch. You\’ll gain skill experience in both sword and magic, unless you have force change upgrades that I mentioned above. Ive never used this method because its hard to find a mob to punch. I either deal too much damage or the mob hit me too hard. If you can find a mob to punch effectively, good for you!

The slowest way is to get to level 90 and use the training dummies (premium). You\’ll get about 1 skill every hour once you past the 30% mark, but its not bad at all consider you can leave your game on while you sleep/go to school and still get skill up.

Boss Strategies

3 words. Hit and run! Single DT bosses are difficult because they hit you for a percentage of your hp, so its not like you can slaughter them if you\’re 50 levels above the dungeon requirement. In order to win, you have to study their attacks, and find the best time to counter. What you basicly have to do is dodge their attacks using dash, then quickly use sword cannon or charge, and repeat. Its very boring, but thats the only way T_T. I cant tell you their attack movements, but do some research on youtube, it helps a lot.

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