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August 30, 2006

:: Full Support Shaman Guide ::

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:: Full Support Shaman Guide ::

I. Introduction

I usually don’t post in forums (This is actually my first) but because of the jumbled up topics in this forum I thought of making my own compilation of the posts in this forum.
My very own character in RAN is also a shaman that I aspire to be a full support type.
So… on with the topic…

II. Stat Build

Levels 1-100 :
This is easy 😛 because all you need to do is pump up all those stats to INT or in your skill window: SPI so that you could get all the skills needed by an FS without worrying about the required stat points.

Levels 101-… :
Upon reaching this level bracket you should allocate your remaining stat points to POW(power) or STR(strength) to get the skill Gift of Life. (This is found at the POW skills tab in your skill window).

Levels …-… : (NOTE: Sorry I don’t know the exact level to master the skill: Gift of Life)
Upon getting at least 160 POW to master the Gift of Life skill, pump up your VIT(vitality) next to boost up your HP(hit points) more. VIT boosts up your HP by 3 every point(a 1:3 ratio).
Imagine this: 100VIT = 300HP nice 🙂
DEX(dexterity) only boosts up your DEF(defense) by 1 by 10 DEX(a 10:1 ratio) so it only pumps up your DEF only a little bit. Imagine this: 100DEX = 10DEF not rewarding isn’t it?

III. Skill Build

(NOTE: This is the part where I scavenged almost every post to get reliable data XP .)

Level 1-76:

  • Vampiric Attack – Level 3
  • Breath of Life – Level 4 (Self-heal, can recover HP on items)
  • Sacrificial Ritual – Level 3 (Serves as a prerequisite for your Heaven’s Treatment skill)
  • Inspire – Level 2
  • Fortify – Master at level 10 (Gives 10% DEF, results are best seen on high DEF characters)
  • Arcane Recovery – NA (MP or mana point regenerator, can recover MP on items)
  • Enchaned Vampiric Attack – NA (Spear Guardian is better)
  • Revitalize – Level 7 (Prevents Poison at level 7 no need to master)
  • Haste – NA
  • Heaven’s Treatment – Master at level 10 (Party heal, a must have)

Level 77-107:

  • Confusion Strike – Master at level 10 (Boosts evasiveness, a must have)
  • Haste – Level 3 (Prerequisite for Massive Haste)
  • Massive Haste – Master at level 10 (For escaping or chasing opponents)
  • Berserk Aura – Master at level 10 (Faster attack speed

Level 108-147:

  • Inspire – Level 4 (Fast SP or skill point regeneration at Level 4 no need to recast over and over)
  • Magma Explosion – Level 1 (1000DMG or damage on mobs)
  • Resurrection – Master at level 1 (Player still lose EXP or experience)
  • Spear Guardian’s Wrath – Master at level 10 (Attack skill)
  • Gift of Life – Master at level 10 (Get from the POW tab at your skill window)
  • Paralyzed – NA (No damage only makes your opponent immobile get at your own desire)

IV. Tips and Tricks

Leveling a pure FS shaman is a great pain and requires big amounts of patience.
When you are havig a hard time, you can do these tips:

    1. Have other players tank you. (a friend’s help is also nice)

    2. Add skills on your ATTACK tab on your skill window. Then, use Oblivion A potions afterwards.

V. Disclaimer

All of these information are acquired by browsing in posts at the Philippine RAN forums and english Malaysian RAN forums.
All suggestions, scrutinizations and comments are all accepted.
Painstakingly corrected spelling errors. Comment if any still remain.
Might still edit this guide for it to be eye entertaining but I’m tired so I only got to place green colors. 😛
Might also add picture clips of skills for added info and judgement.
I wish the GM’s to pin this so that the other newbies would not have a hard time finding this. Thanks in advance. 🙂


All About RV’s & Stats: A Mini Guide v1.4 (7/24/06)

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All About RV’s & Stats: A Mini Guide v1.4 (7/24/06)

Sa mga naobserbahan ko lang ang ididiscuss ko dito at kung may iba nang nakaalam about dito, feel free to correct me kung may mali. Ang nilalaman ng guide na ito ay tungkol sa mga Random Values sa weapon at armor, at tungkol sa mga basic stats, kung ano ang tumataas na sub-stat sa bawat dagdag mo sa main stat at kung ano ang ginagawa ng sub-stats.

Ang pagkakaintindi ko sa RV, yun yung value or stats na pwedeng makuha dun sa drops ng kalaban na equips. Kasi wala naman RV yung binebenta ng NPC. Kaya paiba-iba yung bawas ng kalaban, may attack range din kasi sila tulad natin tsaka may skills din sila kaya malakas minsan yung bawas.
Ang calculation ng RV ay dependent sa defense ng armor at sa attack ng weapon mo lang. Inde sa over all attack and defense mo. Malaki pinagkaiba nun. Ang baseline ng calculcoation ng RV ay yung galing sa NPC. Eto example:
Armor def:
Tight Skirt na 11 def +8.85% RV
11 def din yung Tight Skirt sa NPC kaya yun yung baseline def.
calculation ng RV: 11 x 0.0885 = 0.9735
bale magiging 11.9735 ang defense. Kung -RV naman, ganun parin 11 def. Inde umabot ng 12 kaya 11 pa rin nakalagay na defense sa armor. Yep, kahit inde mo na tingnan yung RV kasi nakasulat na agad sa def ng armor yung total na ibibigay.
Overall armor def:
Pagpalagay nating 90 na ang total armor def mo at nagsuot ka ng tight skirt na example ko kanina.
90 x 0.0885 = 7.965
bale 97.965 ang dapat na defense.
Pag tiningnan mo in-game, yung unang calculation ang gumana. This means na kung gusto mong +2 def yung ibigay ng armor mo, dapat 23 ang baseline def ng armor mo at +9RV.
Try naman natin sa weapon. Medyo mas may effect ang RV sa weapons lalo na sa weapons na mataas ang attack & kapag may energy value.
Weapon attack:
Lite sync bow na 53 – 58 atk +114 energy value +4.39% RV
51 – 56 atk +110 energy value yung nasa NPC for the baseline atk & energy value.
51 x 0.0439 = 2.23
56 x 0.0439 = 2.45
magiging 53.23 – 58.45 or 53 – 58 ang attack ng bow.
110 x 0.0439 = 4.829
114.829 or 114 ang energy value ng bow.
Kung may + naman ang armor or weapon mo, uunahin niya muna yung RV calculation bago isama ang + atk or def ng item mo.
Tsaka hindi rin ako sure sa energy value percentage sa armor kasi minsan may RV na + or – din dun. Pero kung for example:
0.59% yung +energy value ng armor at 200 total energy value ka magiging 200 x 0.0059 = 1.18
200 + 1.18 = 201.18 or 201 ang total RV. Sobrang liit lang ng deperensya. Update sa energy value RV, nagsuot ako ng – energy value na armor pero walang binawas sa total energy value ko. Try ko next time sa weapon pag may nakuha na ko.
About sa attack practice and defense practice, lumalabas lang ang RV na ito kapag ang napulot mong item ay upgraded na agad. Meaning +1 na. Pero may mga weapons na inde na upgraded agad kahit may atk & def practice na as said ng ibang posters. Can someone clarify this? Baka may alam kayo about atk & def practice.
For elements naman ang second level elements tulad ng Lightning, Glacier, Venom, and Blaze ay may bigay na dagdag na stats depende sa weapon mo. + sa Int kung Int type weapon, + sa Pow kung Pow type. The higher the + or – RV meaning yung extremes nila like +4.99 and -4.99 RV, mas mataas ang bigay na stat. So far, 5 ang highest na nakita kong + na stat sa weapon..
Stats naman tayo. Ang ilalagay ko lang dito ay kung ano ang nadadagdag sa bawat stat at basic info na rin. Test nyo na rin kung may time kayo hehe…
Pow= +1 Melee per +5 or +6 Pow; +1 Missile per +12 or +13 Pow
Dex = +1 Def per +12 or +13 Dex; +1 Missile & +1 Energy Value per +5 Dex; +1 Melee per +8 or +9 Dex
Int = +1 or +2 MP per +1 Int; +1 Energy Value per +3 or +4 Int
Vit = +1 or +2 HP per +1 Vit
Stm = +1 SP per +1 Stm
Based diyan, ang Pow ay walang dagdag sa HP, ang Dex ay walang dagdag sa Evasion, Attack Speed, Cast time, Cooldown time at Accuracy, at ang Vit ay walang dagdag sa Defense.
Attack – eto yung total attack na added from melee (kung short range ka) or missile (kung long range ka) at ng weapon attack. Added pa ang energy value stat sa total attack kung magical attack ang gamit mo.
Melee – close combat damage
Missile – long range attack damage
Energy value – magical attacks *note na inde lahat ng attacks ng int skill tree ay magical attacks tulad ng Shockwave ng Archer. Nagexperiment ako dati kung mas tataas ang bawas nito kung tataasan ang Energy value pero inde ito tumaas. Tumaas lang ang damage nito nung gumamit ako ng weapon na mataas ang attack.
HP – hit points. Syempre dafa ka kung ubus ito
MP – mana/magic points. Kelangan ito para makapag-cast ka ng skills.
SP – kelangan din ito sa casting ng skills at para full ang damage ng skills. Kung below 1/4 ng total SP ka na lang, hihingalin ang character mo at may possibility na mag-miss or half damage lang ang normal attacks & skills mo.
Elemental resistance – resistance mo against magical attacks. Electric resistance para sa tolerance sa skill ng int swordie tulad ng lightning strike. Wind resistance para sa int brawlers. Inde ko pa sure kung ano yung sa iba. Take note na hindi bumababa ang pagtama ng effect ng elemental weapon unless naka-metal body or revitalize ka.
Evasion – rate na mag-miss ang physical attacks ng kalaban. Magical based attacks do not miss.
Accuracy – rate to successfully hit an enemy. Magical based attacks don’t need this stat.
Cast time – time to successfully cast a skill. Pwedeng ma-cancel ang skill sa kalagitnaan ng cast time.
Delay time – interval time for a skill to be successfully cast again. Cooldown time ang tawag ng iba dito
Attributes – ang nakikita ko lang na effect nito at pag negative ang Attribute mo, magiiba ang kulay ng name mo at pag sobrang negative, bawal ka sa Non-PK server at inde rin maka-access ng NPCs ang lockers. Tataas ito over time or pwede rin na maglinis sa dormitory. Refer sa ibang guides tunkol dito.
Life Points – ala kong nakikitang effect nito sa experience ko. Kasi kikinang talaga armor mo pag nag-upgrade ka na ng item kahit ala kang life points. Ganun din sa drop rate kasi bihira akong malaglagan kahit dafain dahil sa lag (2 times pa lang sa buong buhay ng characters ko sa RAN).
Salamat sa mga tumulong at tumangkilik ng guide ko. Corrections are welcome pa rin. Sana nakatulong ito sa inyo. Hehe…

Newbie guide to dex swordsman

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Newbie guide to dex swordsman

I. Pros & Cons

-High Defense(high defense is the best during boss hunts)
-Strong lvl 87 up skills
-High HP
-fast damages
-good “canceller” during duels
-Low attack damage compared to int and pow type swordsmen
-Very Weak low lvl skills (sword stab,multislash,lightning slash)
-hard to find weapons(elementals)
-hard to lvl up during solo mode
-takes lot of SP during normal and skill attacks
High defense and High HP is the best during boss hunts,party levelling,mobbing,luring, and sometimes PKing.
But due to the primary stat,which is dex, the attack dmg of a dex swordsman mostly depends on his weapon,
bonus stat points, and status buffs.
II. Skill Build
if you are going to create a dex swordsman, you may think of it as a Tanker.yup, dex swordsmen’s role is to take up the damage of monsters during levelling and boss hunting.Also, dex swordsmen are very good in duels based from my experience(because of its quick skill casting and cooldown).Due to dex swordsmen’s low damage, some dex type swordsmen chose to be a hybrid(a cross of int-dex).but the only skill you need to get from the int skill tree is Metal Body(metal body highly increases defense and provides resistance to Elec and ice properties).
Sword stab lvl 4
Multi slash lvl 0
Sword Mastery lvl 9
Lightning Slash lvl 2
Sword Explosion lvl 9
Sunken Strike lvl 9
Explosive Strike lvl 9
Blade Mastery lvl 9
Divine Shield lvl 9 (divine shield is needed since int naturally goes up. you should be able to master it by
lvl 90 sumthing)
When it comes to equipment,
for me you should provide a nice set of vagrant armors.+7-9 rv enhanced or dynamic will do the trick.
if you will buy a kendo set and a shogun set, it will be a waste of gold. why? because the common lvl that players are stuck with is during lvl 80 above. Plus, shogun armors are available from Zheng’s Quest in Trading Hole. The weapons are not much to be a priority since the primary objective of a dex swordsman is to be tough and hard. You should get Strong weapons when you have acheved lvl97 up because Sunken strike is a powerful skill that dex swordsmen have.
although this is a nonsense guide, i think this is my contribution to ran online phil. because i have enjoyed it very well.pero sa huli nasa player parin yan. mas mablis ung casting,mas mablis ung bawas. yan ang katangian ng dex swordsman. mas malakas sa boss hunt kasi biruin mo lvl 50+ kaya nang itanke si ds jr.(pots power). sa pk nmn, mahirap patumbahin ang dex kasi may katiting na buhay na mattra tlga. hay,sana kht papano may naintindihan or na22nan kau d2.isa pa, ang dex pang lure,pang pk,pang boss hunt. all around talaga. kaya kung ikukumpara mo ang dex sa int, mas matigas ang dex dahil kunat natural ang dex.
hanggang d2 nlng ang guide sana tlga may na22nan kau kht papano.T_T

August 29, 2006

INT Archer Guide

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INT Archer Guide


INT Archers:

Ever wonder why are there INT Archers? I’ve also questioned that myself, the first time I saw an INT Archer in-game (meltskie). I guess it would be a silly question to ask the GMs about this, so I’ve came up with the hypothesis, that every warrior born, or raised, was disciplined to master the art of war. A warrior is conditioned of course, to kill, to slay, to destroy, to win, and to be the one. But what makes a good warrior? A warrior needs not only Power, Dexterity, Vitality, Stamina. What makes a warrior win a fight is his discipline to understand, the foe, the enemy, the art of war. One cannot only win by force alone, but also with the mind. An army loses when a genereal calculated that his men might make it by 95%, what more of a general who does not calculate at all? (got this from The Art of War, pero not exactly this,more on the idea) Thus, the INT ARCHER surfaced (go meltskie! lolz). *this is for the introduction sake, don’t take it too seriously, you might kill someone tonight. >

Dex are great, actually, it is so great that it became the fundamental of all Archers. But, let’s defy it now. Let’s go the unusual. let’s go INT. Come one, come all. =)

Basic Skill Build (for the serious INT Archers):

Name of Skill Level myComment

Shockwave: 4
Sacrifice: Master
Energy Arrow: 0 (though you might want to get this, to do DAMAGE, from lvl 27-47, nakakaboring minsan kung puro shockwave lng >
Eagle’s Sight: 0 (I’m still considering this one, but for the moment, save skill points)
Vampiric Arrow: 1 (pre-req of Burst Fire *I love this skill ^^)
Burst Fire: 4 (pre-req of Soul Arrow *Yeah! bring ’em on!)
Soul Arrow: 2 (pre-req of Gaia’s Blessing *Duel Duel muna >
Gaia’s Blessing: 2 (pre-req of Force of Illusion *wow! ganda effect!)
Force of Gaia 1 (*this is actually not a pre-req to any skill later, though you might want to get this, bec. the next skill is at 117, hits 4 targets, and does hurting damage, so why not? =)
Force of Illusion 1 (Yeah yeah bonel! haha!)
Heaven’s Judgement Master (I’m not yet there. hahaha, though it sounds so much pain, and it sounds like Tifa’s Final Limit Break in FF7? not so sure. I’ll update this when I get there. >

Range Mastery: Master (Hmmmm…. yum yum)
Focus: [x_x] (this is up to you, minsan naman kaya mo na gawin sa sarili mo at di na depende sa guide. hehehe.)

Kawasu: [x_x] (You may want to master this in later levels, im ean later, as in 120+ i think. Just wait for your dex to reach its requirement. Though it is all up to you. Kawasu gives Evasion. You decide.)

** Experiment guys! Don’t always believe in anything written, book namin dati may error eh. hehe!

Stat Build

Stapler Stat Build (for those who would like to get the popular bow, Lite Sage Bow, ung parang stapler. ^^)

Int: 439
Vit: pde ka mag adik sa VIT after mo makuha ung stapler >

Full blown INT up to 439, that then, you may want to distribute the remaining stats elsewhere. You may want to consider VIT. It’s all up to you. You can also get Kawasu, I believe that at lvl 120+ your dex will rich the requirement for Kawasu.

Lurer-Nuker Stat Build (for those who wanna be a dex at the same time >

Int: 350 (for the skill Heaven’s Judgement)
Dex: add evenly with VIT (for added defense)
Vit: add evenly with DEX (for more HP, of course >

Get Kawasu Skill, you’ve gone DEX bkt di mo pa imaster ito. dba dba.

So at lvl 127, you are an ultimate nuker, and a great lurer at the same time. They say everyone can lure as long as their items are over ups. I doubt. Cge nga luran mo ako sa HO 3 ng atleast 4, pure INT Archer ah. >

Int-Pow Stat Build (for those who are megalomaniac or ung gahaman lang tlga sa damage!)

Int: 350 (for the skill Heaven’s Judgement)
Pow: 100+ (Haven’t done the calculation yet kaya + muna)
Vit: add reasonable amount

Master Bow Mastery. That then boosted na damage mo sa Sacrifice plng, add mo pa Bow Mastery, KAPOW! Step down, step down, you’re no Jesus. Step down! haha. >

Int-Stm Stat Build:

ano ito lokohan? >

Duel Guide

against DEX Archers: (greatest rival ng INT Archer. I think ^^)

lvl 20 ~ 77
Owning ang INT Archers sa DEX Archers sa early levels, I mean early, ala pa Triple Shot. Some may use Arrow Storm, big disadvantage agad sakanila yan, since mejo matagal casting time nun. Soul > Vampiric > Soul. Ayan lang circulation ng skills mo. Though pag experienced DEX Archer kalaban mo, spam lng nila ung first skill nila, kasi baba casting time nun, which in turn may cancel you. Masakit ma-cancel sa duel >

lvl 87

Beware, since they already have one of their sturdy skills, try to cancel them first, if they use to start the duel with their lvl 87 skill, try normal attack, I don’t know, hirap magcancel ang mga INT skills, or do they really cancel? I dunno. Then go instinct after, promise, tricky na ang laban pag lvl 87 na DEX Archer kalaban mo. >

lvl 107

Hmm… The higher the DEX Archer gets the harder it is to beat him/her on a duel. At lvl 107 they already have their Star Fall, which is masakit, big time. Then they’ll finish you up with their lvl 97 skill. Most likely 2 hits ka lng, so the chances of winning is mababa na, lalo na mataas nadin def nila >

against POW Archers:

Hmm… quickness lang ang trick against POW Archers. Just always go wild with your skills against POW Archers. Tendency kasi gamitin nya agad Kick Shot skill so, hurt him/her first, then go instinct. Lakas din sila mag cancel ng skill so, good luck to your future. hehe!

—- End of guide —-

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