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August 21, 2020

23 ways to say almost nothing (and still sound smart)

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lifted from: https://www.bizjournals.com/bizjournals/how-to/growth-strategies/2016/12/23-ways-to-say-nothing-and-still-sound-smart.html

I knew/know people who have mastered this.. haha

We all watch TV or cable news. People are interviewed. They have nothing to say either by choice of lack of information.
They must say something, so they resort to being vague.
One day, these answers might be useful in your own life.

1. It is what it is
Also, what you see is what you get.
Sounds like: Judge this on its own merits. It’s not pretending to be something else.
Might mean: If you think this is going to get any better, it isn’t.

2. There has never been a better time to buy
Also,“not to be missed.”
Sounds like: The opportunity of a lifetime. There’s no point in waiting.
Might mean: Call to action. We want you to spend your money now.

3. We are prepared for every eventuality
Often used when entering uncharted territory.
Sounds like: We have a thoughtful, well-reasoned strategy for moving forward.
Might mean: We don’t know what’s going to happen, but we don’t want to tell you that.

4. We are competitively priced
Familiar words in comparison shopping situations.
Sounds like: We are trying to give you a good deal. We have your best interests in mind.
Might mean: We aren’t lowering our prices any more than we have to.

5. I’m not at liberty to say
Sounds better than “no comment” or “we don’t comment on ongoing investigations.”
Sounds like: Details must remain confidential. You understand why,.
Might mean: I’m not telling you anything. There’s no upside.

6. That was then, this is now
Replaces the “new paradigm” we used to talk about.
Sounds like: We must move with the times.
Might mean: The rules have changed. It’s not in your favor. There’s no going back.

7. It ain’t over
Sports fans often look to the next year after a disappointing season.
Sounds like: We may have lost this battle, but the fight isn’t over yet.
Might mean: I’m a sore loser who is in denial.

8. We have a big tent
Often used in politics when people are seeking unity.
Sounds like: We are an inclusive organization including many differing points of view, working towards a common goal.
Might mean: We need you behind us now. We’ll work out our differences later.

9. You can’t rule it out
No one can predict the future.
Sounds like: I acknowledge this is a possible outcome.
Might mean: Don’t pretend you can predict the outcome.

10. Things will get worse before they get better
A strategy to lower people’s expectations.
Sounds like: A well-reasoned analysis that good times will ultimately come.
Might mean: If things go bad, you were right. If things get better, no one will care you were wrong.

11. You can’t take it with you
Wealth is a mortal possession.
Sounds like: Be a good person and share your wealth during your lifetime.
Might mean: Stop being such a cheapskate.

12. Help get you there
Often associated with advice you have directly or indirectly aid to receive.
Sounds like: You are on my side.
Might mean: It’s not taking the responsibility of “I will get you there.” You will make progress towards your goal.

13. The clock is ticking
An obvious observation that time is always passing.
Sounds like: You should make a decision. Commit yourself. Take action.
Might mean: You are wasting time.

14. Enjoy the journey
Often used when the time horizon to completion is long.
Sounds like: This will be nicer than you imagined.
Might mean: Be quiet and stop complaining.

15. New normal
Alliterative phrase. Things aren’t what they were before.
Sounds like: The rules have changed. They aren’t going back.
Might mean: You lost. Get used to it.

16. Maybe it’s just me
My opinion is different from yours.
Sounds like: I disagree, but I may be wrong.
Might mean: I’m telling you politely that you are wrong.

17. A broken clock is right twice a day
Stating an obvious fact.
Sounds like: You are right on this point. I agree with you.
Might mean: I agree with this point while I am disagreeing with everything else.

18. Ride it out
Another version of “Things will get worse…”
Sounds like:“Keep calm and carry on.”
Might mean: Sit quietly and stop your complaining.

19. Let me see what I can do
A response often heard after a person explains a problem and requests help.
Sounds like: They are going to solve my problem.
Might mean: I’ve given hope, which satisfies them near -erm without actually committing myself to doing anything.

20. People are likely to be confused
Also, “demystify.”
Sounds like: We need to help people by simplifying the explanation.
Might mean: They won’t agree with us unless we do something.

21. Life goes on
This isn’t the only thing that’s happening.
Sounds like: We shouldn’t focus all our attention on this issue at the expense of others.
Might mean: Stop obsessing about this problem.

22. Expect volatility, fluctuation
Nothing stays the same. Also, “things change.”
Sounds like: They have a clear picture of the near-term results.
Might mean: I have no idea, but I know nothing stays the same.

23. Who can say?
Another “predicting the future” observation.
Sounds Like: No one is qualified to answer that question.
Might Mean: You aren’t getting an answer because I’m not committing myself.

People can sound smart without actually saying anything. One day you might need this skill!

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