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December 18, 2019

BDM Witch Buid 1

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from: https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/5s0tdi/returned_to_bdo_and_looking_for_a_witch_build/

Pre-56, lightning storm, lightning, chain lightning, residual lightning, and blizzard+ultimate are the only damage skills you need to max.
At some point, chain lightning won’t really do all that much damage so I just left it at the first level from 52-56. I kept lightning at max though because it’s your 100% spirit skill. Don’t waste your skill points on fireball and fb explosion. While it’s great cc, it knocks everything away from you and could knock some mobs away from your aoe range.

For utility pre-56, max magic lighthouse first. I cannot tell you how convenient the skill is, especially at max level since it’ll have a 100% uptime. Next, healing lighthouse, then healing aura. The spellbound heart is good, but I generally didn’t need it.

I never really used speed spell as I got too lazy to use it when it was up. Mana absorption can stay at level 1. While i used it on cooldown, I didn’t really need it to be more than it already was at level 1.

For post awakening, you’re only maxing your utility skills. At 56, black spirit will give you a skill reset item. After you reset your skills, make sure to max these at 56: Healing lighthouse, healing aura, speed spell, spellbound heart, sage’s memory, and magic lighthouse(at some point, I think at 58/59/60, you’ll have 100% uptime on toxic flood which is the awakening version of magic lighthouse so you won’t need it anymore. I still use magic lighthouse post-56). You don’t need mana absorption at 56 because mana isn’t a problem when you get your awakening.

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