`Sugar Coated Delusions`

December 5, 2018

Meantime Guy

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*orig post: http://mframa.tumblr.com/post/3120227611/meantime-boy

He’s the one that drunk dials you late at night saying that he loves you over and over again until 3 in the morning. He means it but you know too well he’ll never admit it. He’s the one that makes it seem alright that your jerk boyfriend is cheating on you. He’s the one you love but not really “in” love with. You know the one who’s just there in the meantime.

He’s the one you were with on that night you swore never happened.

He’s just chill, doesn’t pressure you with commitment. He doesn’t make a fuss when you go out to party with your girlfriends. And when you get piss drunk, he’s there to drive you home and hold your hair when you vomit.

You don’t have to pretend that you’re cool because he knows how much of a dork you really are.

You don’t have to be made up and all poised around him because you know that he’d hang out with you even if you had the flu and you spent 3 days in the same pair of pajamas being smelly and unbathed with snot spewing from your swollen nose. Which he actually did while also bringing you DVDs and KFC.

It doesn’t bother you that he goes out with other girls or at least you pretend that it doesn’t. Yet you do, however, manage to point out every single flaw she has and how she’s not the right girl for him. And when he asks you who would be right for him you’d describe a girl pretty muchl like yourself but you’d never imply that it might be you.

You tell him that he’s a great guy and that he’d make some girl really happy someday just like how you pretend to be happy with your cheating ass jerk boyfriend.

And when you finally break up, he’d cancel a hot date just to be there to soak up your tears and listen to you rant about how stupid you are. To which he would agree but at the same time making you feel like it was alright to be stupid sometimes. He’d stay with you until the sun rises and until your tears dry up. He’d stay and keep you company everyday bringing you all sorts of food just to help you cope with your heart ache. And he would not care if you had gained weight or that you’ve lost all reason to shave your legs.

He’d be the first one to comment on the hundred emo notes you post on facebook just so you know someone had read them and that you’d feel that someone cared.

He’ll be there through all your unwarranted drama.

He’ll be there until you get over your jerk ex-boyfriend.

And when you finally do, he’d still be there until you find another jerk boyfriend to make you pretend to be happy.

You’re not exactly sure about how he feels about you because he never does or says anything clear. So you stay with your new jerk boyfriend. You go on with your life convincing yourself that you are the lucky one and that you are better off and happy.

But then late at night. When you know you should be sleeping.

You find yourself staying awake until 3 in the morning waiting for his call just to hear him drunkenly say that he loves you.

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