`Sugar Coated Delusions`

March 11, 2008


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Almost a month ago at around 6:30pm while I was busy getting ready to finish my shift my phone rang and at the end of the line was a friend’s mom. In between the sobs she was just able say “We just brought **** to the hospital, Makati Med”. That was all and she ended the call.

I knew her son had problems recently, the call puzzled me.  I was getting ready to leave since Makati Med was not too far from where I’m working but it was Wednesday and I had to attend our weekly meeting.

My mind wasn’t totally there…

I kept thinking what was wrong with my friend, I knew he had issues. You see for the past weeks we have been talking/listening to him and helping him get over an old flame. To cut it short I was babysitting a brokenhearted friend.

I arrived at the hospital at a little past 8pm, I was about to ask information for the room number when someone tapped me on my shoulder I looked over and saw one of our close friend.

“wala na siya bro.”

He took me to the him, he was already covered, Damn. I’d rather leave out the details (it’s hard enough as it is).

My mind was blank as I was on my way home. Maybe I was partly to blame, I wasn’t able to help him. All I can remember was that the last time we talked over the phone I asked him if he’s alright and he replied “yes”. I didn’t ask him again because from the sound of his voice it seemed like he was at least back to his normal self. (medyo makulit na and nang-aasar).

It was hard to think about, much more talk about it. I only have a handful of really close friends and losing one of them was like losing a brother. . .

like losing a part of me…

I should have been there for him, I’ve always been there for friends (whether close or not).

A note left on his room’s desk was given to me by his mother

she said “iho i think this was for you.”

The post it note read: “sorry bro”

After this experience I knew I’ll never be the same.

Until now I’ve never told anyone of this, just thought it’s about time.



  1. nakakalungkot pre ah.. naalala ko yung araw na yun, nakwento mo nga..

    tsk tsk, im sorry sa kanya,saka sayo for losing a friend.. tsk tsk

    Comment by emp — March 15, 2008 @ 12:55 pm

  2. kuya sorry to hear that… pero sana dont blame urself.. its his life and its his decision… he chose not to show you his sadness because he wanted to… for sure if he was not ok, you’ll be there for him in a snap…

    consolences to you and his family…

    Comment by rachel — March 16, 2008 @ 8:53 am

  3. Thanks.

    Hirap isulat 🙂

    Comment by melfabro — March 19, 2008 @ 11:18 pm

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