`Sugar Coated Delusions`

December 11, 2007

Starbucks…So Overhyped, So Overglamorized

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from worldofalbert.multiply.com, somehow makes sense huh?

Starbucks… the quintessential coffee/refreshment hangout place for conyos and conyo wanna-bees. Before, Ive been wondering why every Starbucks shop I see is always fully crowded with clients despite the fact that their product’s prices are skyrocketing high. Then I came to realize that maybe more than the taste itself, people troop to Starbucks because it is cool– it is indeed cool to be seen sipping your frap then puffing a cigarette stick at that coffee shop. Another basic example is the Multiply or Friendster accounts…. account owners just necessitate posting pictures of him/her (sometimes with friends) while dining at Starbucks. Again..because it looks cool.

Starbucks is equivalent to glamor. Anyone who have watched The Devil Wears Prada can attest how Starbucks got excessively glamorized on that film. And people has no problem in shedding out excessive money for glamor.

I have no problem, in shedding out excessive money as long as the product you’re buying calls for it. Just like I have no qualm in purchasing a much expensive Sony for a television because you are getting the quality that you paid for.

In the case of Starbucks, what you are paying is basically the name and not the quality. There P100 brewed coffee tastes no different from the P25 coffee of Mister Donut. Their P200 frap is just synonymous to the P80 Gonuts Donuts frap.

Just like having a 40K Louis Vitton for a mere bag, going to Starbucks is way unreasonable. I don’t know, maybe I just hate products who demand that you pay them high just because their name spells luxury rather than quality. When you’re a minimum waged earner like me or just a plain struggling non-income generating student, a regular trip to Starbucks spells vanity.

Yes, Starbucks products are good but just so unworthy of a price that could buy a one day meal. Paying P150-P200 for a single refreshment–I just don’t buy that idea. I would rather have Zagu.


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