`Sugar Coated Delusions`

November 21, 2007

got tagged…in detail…wala lang magawa =D

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Was born with the birth sign of Leo, I’m not really such a zodiac fanatic but somehow traits attibuted to Leos are hauntingly right…hehe

Loves to joke:

though I’m usually the silent , when I feel comfortable enough with the people i’m with the mischievous child in me surfaces.. so beware hehe.


hands down correct. No objections please =D

Suave and caring.

have alway been smooth in dealing with situations but the caring part is not really one of my strong point, I tend to hold back and not show how much I care. Must be a self-preservation thing =D

Brave and fearless.

never backed out from a dare ( at least as far as I can remember), though I’m a lot smarter in taking them now hehe.

Firm and has leadership qualities

have always been either a yes or no for me, being an only child I was thought to be responsible for my actions at an early age and be ready to take the consequences if any. As for leadership qualities; was part of the student council once and usually the leader of the pack hehe.

Knows how to console others.

hmmm am very bad at consoling, but if any of my friends needs one I’am happy to just to be there for them and listen

Too generous and egoistic.

generous to a certain extent (*wink*), egoistic? not really

Takes high pride in oneself.

not really. I’ve always tried not to compare myself with others in order to prove that i’m better, i’d rather have honor than pride =D

Thirsty for praises.

never been a praise whore, i’d rather be in the background and let everything be anonymous, others say it’s foolish but hey I don’t need to be famous.

Extraordinary spirit.

I have always been a restless one, doing one, two sometimes three things at once.

Easily angered.

yep got a bad temper have always been a struggle controlling it, you wouldn’t want to get in my way when i’m angry

Angry when provoked.

same as above =D

Easily jealous.

during my younger (arrggh) days yup, so many insecurities then but it really depends on how much I care for someone. Nowadays I guess I outgrew it altogether.


I enjoy being observant, sometimes you can just look around people around you and notice things about them they are not aware of =D

Careful and cautious.

hmmm… comes with the territory

Thinks quickly.

I consider this as one of my strong points, it’s what makes me what I am

Independent thoughts.

too much of this hehe

Loves to lead and to be led.

I like to lead but I don’t love it, never liked being led.

Loves to dream.

I have always been a dreamer it’s what keeps me sane from all the craziness in this world.

Talented in the arts, music and defense.

I can carry a tune (used to be in the choir =P) or at least I think so, can make a decent sketch/drawing, talented in defense…it’s for you to find out.

Sensitive but not petty.

might not look like it but yup, I usually drown my sensitivity with a bucket of beer or any alcoholic beverage =D

Poor resistance against illnesses.

not really that sickly.

Learns to relax.

can’t do it, just can’t relax =D

Hasty and trusty.

not too trusty, takes time for me.


I can think of a thousand and one ways to sweep you off your feet (hehehe) that is if i’m interested enough ( naks).

Loving and caring.

when I love, I LOVE although I don’t show it that much.

Loves to make friends.

I would want to think so but I usually keep a couple or more tight friends, my own personal circle.

Wheww, that was a long one huh? More or less you should know me better now.


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