`Sugar Coated Delusions`

September 11, 2007


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Exactly one year ago…I entered PhilAm Bldg and rode it’s elevator to the 16th floor, no it was not for a usual meeting with Nokia. It was to start on my first day with a new company; Navitaire.

Given the position I had as well as the good times I spent in Globe Telecom, I was thinking of the things/people I have given up. The title, the perks, great friends and drinking partner ( hehe… ayos ba Jerc), ans specially the opportunities ( try picking any well seasoned UNIX administrator and make him administer a Nokia/Ericsson OSS system without supervision and let’s see what happens.. that will be CHAOS hehe).

Anyway, YES It’s been a year. How time flies, I miss my friends in my former company ( hey I spent 5 years of my life there, almost thought I’ll grow old and retire there.) but I also made great friends and acquaintances here and still is. At least now i can let the OCMs take the beatings… hehehe (joke) and enjoy my off days without worrying that I’ll receive a call and rush to the office.

I’ve met friends that made the 12 hours of shift bearable and kept me from growing crazy ( from not doing too much hek hek)… There’s Len, Darl, Chelsy, Crissy, my shiftmates and my co-Unix admins.

Generally it’s been a more than excellent run, I’m just enjoying it till it lasts. And though I may leave again someday, i guess I’ll be doing it with a heavy broken heart.



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