`Sugar Coated Delusions`

July 28, 2007

in response to “the one that got away”…. =D

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ok here it goes… =D

an old friend was able catch me on I.M recently and he said he saw this post and it really hit him hard ( huh? I said in my head).  Apparently he meet some, became friends and have fallen.  Problem is he’s very much married with kids. ( oh boy!).

And I said ” Does the girl know this?”

His response : “No, I can still control myself  to not tell her how I feel ‘coz I don’t know how she’ll react but it’s driving me crazy.  Can’t shake her out of my head.”

Call me insensitive, it’s just that  i’m not that into mushy, emotional things like this so I just told him he will get over it and it’s just a phase and it  happens to the best of us (haha >.< ) .

He said he’d try ( WTF!).

Personally If I was to face situation like thisI honestly wouldn’t know what to do either.  He fell for someone and doesn’t even know if it’s mutual but worst he’s already attached.  It would have really hurt to let the one that got away slip your hands and not knowing how he/she felt for you.

I guess you can’t really have it all.


Because life sucks and life is unfair, that’s the way it is and we have to accept that or we’ll spend the rest of our short lives thinking of what could be and what could have been.



  1. why are you here when we all are in blogspot? haha..

    Comment by Lorreyn — July 30, 2007 @ 9:49 pm

  2. haha…had to move to wordpress, loads much faster 😀

    Comment by melfabro — August 3, 2007 @ 10:07 am

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